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The Elements

Astrological ElementsIn Astrology:
Western Tropical:

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are grouped by their characteristics. Sorting them by element or triplicity (3 signs for each element) groups them according to their temperament (nature/personality).
Astrological Elements and Signs 1200
Information and art based on The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume 1: The Basic Principles pgs. 5-6:

Me Natal no linesYou saw how the elements work in the natural chart above now you can see how they work in a Natal Chart.  This is my natal chart.  I will share with you how my planets are dispersed according to element.  I am only including the planets, luminaries, AC, MC and North Node because that is what my book covers.  It doesn’t cover asteroids so I will not be counting them here.

Fire: Uranus and Neptune = 2
Earth: Venus, and AC = 2
Air: Mercury, Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto = 5
Water: North Node, Jupiter, Moon, and MC = 4
So Air is the predominant element in my Natal Chart.

Me Solar Return no lines
Since my birthday is coming up I decided to look at my Solar Return chart as well.  This is when the Sun returns to the same degree it was at, at the time of your birth.  It usually falls on your birthday but may be off by a day or two (the Julian Calendar isn’t precise as the Sun).  This is about all I know about it but figured I would attempt to read it as well as I went along.  So as another example here is the breakdown of the elements in my Solar Return chart.

Fire: Uranus, MC, and Moon = 3
Earth: Venus and Pluto = 2
Air: Sun, Mars, North Node, and AC = 4
Water: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune = 4
So Air and Water are the predominant elements in my Solar Return Chart.

I hope this clarifies things for all of you.  I know it certainly did for me.  I am so thankful for the gift of this book.  It makes the path have more direction.  Please SHARE the knowledge.  Love and light to all!
According to Franz Bardon use can theoretically understand the effects of the elements when used for personal reasons through the astrological information contained in books like the one I am sharing with you.
I thought the following was relevant too because it talks about 12 semitones which is the same number of signs in the Zodiac!  Hmmmm…connectedness.
the adjustment of intervals in tuning a piano or other musical instrument so as to fit the scale for use in different keys; in equal temperament, the octave consists of twelve equal semitones.

What element is dominant in your natal chart?



In ancient oriental texts:

The elements are called Tattwas. (Bardon, Franz)


In the Indian representation of the Tattwas all of the elements descend from a 5th element called Akasa, making a quintessence.  Their names for the elements are as follows (Bardon, Franz):

Akasa=principle of the ether

Tejas=principle of the fire

Waju=principle of the air

Apas=principle of the water

Prithivi=priciple of the earth




In Tarot (Bardon, Franz):



Goblet (cups)=Water



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Bardon, Franz: Initiation into Hermetics