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    The 3 signs (triplicity) that are in the fire element are :
    b Leo
    Keywords for fire signs personality/nature:
    They can become:
    Too forceful(1p6)
    Me Natal no lines
    In my natal chart I have Uranus and Neptune in the Fire signs.  This will be useful later as I learn to interpret my Natal Chart.
    Me Solar Return no lines
    In my Solar Return chart I have Uranus, MC, and Pluto in the Fire signs.  This will be useful later as I learn to interpret my Solar Return Chart.
I thought the following was relevant too because it talks about 12 semitones which is the same number of signs in the Zodiac!  Hmmmm…connectedness.
the adjustment of intervals in tuning a piano or other musical instrument so as to fit the scale for use in different keys; in equal temperament, the octave consists of twelve equal semitones. (2)
In the Tarot the Fire element is represented by the Sword. (3p10)
In ancient Indian texts it is the Tattwa called Tejas. (3p10)  It is believed it is the first element that was born from Akasa (ether/spirit).  It is considered a positive/active element.  The basic principles being heat and expansion.  It has two polarities active and passive/positive and negative.  The active or positive being constructive, creative, and productive.  The passive or negative being destructive or dissecting.  The expanding principle of fire is active in all things created. Bardon describes it as Electrical Fluid. (3p11)
  1. The Only Way to Learn Astrology: Vol. I-Basic Principles by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers
  2. Initiation into Hermetic by Franz Bardon
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