Friday, December 20, 2013

Is Obama Care in the Stars?

I read an article on this year's Venus Retrograde(appears to us as moving backwards).  It is very intriguing and inspirational.  It talks about purification, cleansing, rebirth, and transcending.  You may find the article here: .  It covers the theme of this retrograde and it's affects as they pertained to biblical times as well as how it should be applied to the world today as a whole .  How you can use the energies it brings (generally speaking) and why it is so important.  The following is my attempt to make sense of the above article.  I am new to astrology so I have broken things down even further for the understanding of my self and others.  I have included my thoughts and reasoning along the way.  Feedback is highly encouraged.  I would like to know what you feel, how you interpreted the information, and what you think beginner or master all are welcome.  I am new to astrology and this I feel is the best way to learn, forming my own conclusions and seeing how they resonate with others.  I highly encourage you to read the source article as well.  How this pertains to current issues of the USA is at the end of this article. 
In this retrograde Venus is visiting the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  Changing the light and facilitating re-birth of the typical patterns that are associated with Capricorn.  (Paraphrased from the first article sited above).
The keywords associated with Capricorn, according to are listed below:
(determined or stubborn, tightly held, persistent, able to remember many things, sticky or clinging, not easily disconnected (as per the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) research function).
So what do I see here?  I see Venus making us aware of (shedding light on) our own and the world's difficulty to change ways, our stubbornness, grudges, ambitions (which some have caused the over use of resources).  The rebirth of (replacing it with)being resourcefulness (managing your resources) and conservatism.   More people becoming wise and disciplined.  Perhaps even the rebirth of ancient knowledge (able to remember many things) wise (wise ones is what comes to mind) that will allow us to ambitiously use our resources the right way in a conservative manner for the good of all.  That last sentence was very hopeful and if this transition is used correctly, just may come to be…we can only hope! <3
So how do we use this transition to better ourselves and the world?  Perhaps looking at what you yourself are unwilling to change will give you a clue.  Fill in the blanks:
"I wouldn't change ____ for anyone!"
"Hell will freeze over when I _____!"
"I'll be damned if _____!"
Now look inside and ask your self why those particular things, concepts, ideas, or traits are important to you.  At minimum this will result in the rebirth and awakening of more self awareness.  If you want to take this even further you can continue to look around you and see how it affects your soul, spiritualism and the ones you love (Venus).  Do these thoughts still serve you and or those around you?  This will awaken a general idea of where you fit in the world.  What you do with it after that is up to you. 
This journey starts on the 21st of December 2013.  The 11th of January 2014 is when you may feel enlightened or one with the source or the divine or God. 
From my understanding you start inner reflection on the 21st of December.  On the 11th of January you feel deeply connected (an aha moment may come to light), and you may come to know what your path on this Earth is supposed to be (What God, Divine, Source intends for you to do) with love (Venus).  This may possibly show you how your ambitions and your love may become one.  Resulting in balance and harmony. 
There is a bubble chart in the source article that lists Venus words and concepts.  You are supposed to note any of those words that currently feel uncomfortable.  Ok the next part is going to be kind of personal but it will give you an idea of how this transit concept is supposed to work from the author of the source article's point of view.
Values (main bubble the below stemmed from)
Wow I am currently uncomfortable with a lot of Venus concepts in myself.
So from the 21st through the 10th of January I should meditate on the themes in my life that are associated with those words.  How they are manifesting in my life and when they interact intimately with those in my life.  I need to think about if I really value those aspects or how I nourish them in my life.  Then on January 11th I should set aside some time to "set constructive intentions concerning my self love, self value, and self appreciation."  Renovate it, enlighten it and integrate it as part of my self.  From the 12th to the 31st of January I should start to see the seeds start germinating and becoming fruitful in reality.
Now for the world and the even possibly slightly controversial part.
Ok I just realized something!  I am going to make a wild connection that will probably be highly controversial and instigate a lot of comments.  Oh well!  Start commenting.  Hehehe
Shedding light or highlighting resources (current financial crisis)  and stubbornness (senate and house issues with compromise):  The debt ceiling renegotiations are scheduled to deadline some time mid January (the 10th is standing out to me but don't quote me on that date it needs checked).  That perfectly coincides with the Venus Retro period prior to becoming one with the source on the 11th.  The theme behind this debt ceiling debate (USA) has been actual resources, conserving those, and getting rid of costly programs (Obama Care).  Seeing how the source article says that some Venus concepts are Finance, Worth, Fairness, Justice, Sociability (Socialism/Obama Care).  I really do think that what is happening in financial negotiations in the USA perfectly coincides with this retrograde.  (Many people had forgotten about this deadline, being a service connected disabled Veteran, and almost losing my compensation last time these talks were happening…I didn't forget.)  How this is supposed to materialize in love and harmony…I have no idea I guess we will just have to see what the elite does with it.  In the US and maybe even for the world (there are a lot of world wide currencies based on the US dollar) this may result in a conservative use of resources.  It could mean a complete financial system restructure…I don't know it is really does rely on how the law makers use this energy.
Light and love to all.  Please comment and share the knowledge.
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