Sunday, February 16, 2014

Green Bean Uses

As I stated in the introduction on page/tab plants, I am writing first about the plants I already have seed for.  Being grateful for what I have.  First on my list is Green Beans.  I hope to provide you with many uses of this plant so that you can better plan how much of it you want to plant.  Every one has done a post on how to grow plants so I really just want to talk about the uses of the plant it it's self.   You can look on just about any seed provider's website for planting instructions but many of them don't provide any clue as to how MUCH to plant. I hope that by knowing all the uses that are relevant to you, you can better know how much to obtain and plant and then by looking at the planting directions you will know how much space you need.

For the land:
Tilling in the unused part of the plant will add some nitrogen back into your soil.  This reduces the need and dependency on fertilizers.  I am pro natural fertilization.  Which if you make the most use of the nutrients already in your garden by tilling them under allowing them to reabsorb naturally, it saves you much more money than if you were to purchase expensive natural or organic fertilizers.  Even most manure's take the cost of time and treatment (bunny poo being the exception).  I want you to feel empowered and know that you have abundance.
If you have an old chain link fence that is looking kind of poor you can always give it a fresher look in the summer by planting pole style green beans along it.  They flower prior to making the beans so I would imagine it would be a very pretty decoration for an old fence.  Not to mention the fence would give the pole beans the support they need.  You could weave them in and out of it as you wish, or you can just let them naturally climb as they wish.

For Kids:
To get your kids involved in the garden you can always relate the green beans to the Jack and the Bean Stalk story.  This will get your kids and possibly even you imagining and feeling like the garden is a magical story book kind of place.  This should definitely help when you are struggling with it because it feels like a chore.  Get the kids out there to help you pick "magical" beans.  LOL

For pets:
Many varieties of green or string beans can be given to dogs.  You can use the whole pod or cut it up into small pieces.  Giving green beans to dogs may help lower their blood cholesterol and glucose levels, resulting in better over all heart health.   This is because green beans are high in fiber, folic acid, vitamin B6 giving them an antioxidant effect. Messonnier recommends that if your dog is fed processed natural dog food that organics only make up 20-25% of it's diet.  If you give your dog a natural home made diet organics make up 40-50% of it's diets.  You can try it with other animals but the author only recommended dogs and says cats are a bit more finicky about vegies.
Bunnies love green beans!

For the body:


The recommended serving size is 1 cup and only has 44 calories (for those of you who may be on a diet).  They are packed full of vitamins.:

Antioxidant (Vitamin C)
Cancer reducing (Lutein, zeaxanthin, Neoxanthin, Violaxanthin)

Because the content of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C can lessen from preparation, storage, and cooking it is best to eat green beans fresh picked and raw.  If you must cook them the method that causes the least nutrition loss is steaming.

To read more on the health benefits of these vitamins and others I recommend the following resources in which I used for this article:

I know many of you are wondering what possible link there is between spirit and the green bean but hey "as above so below" right.  There are galaxies named after the green bean because of their unusual color and appearance.  This has to account for something.  I don't think much research has been done on the topic of green beans connection to the spiritual or supernatural but I thought the galaxy thing was worth noting in this section.

So how much should I plan to plant?  Well the recommended serving size is 1cup.  There are 3 of us.  This won't be the only veggie in my garden though.  So I am going to go with 1 meal per week where green beans would be served so that would be 3cups or 1.5 pints (for canning/freezing purposes) per week times 52 weeks equals 78pints of green beans.  So 78 pints of green beans is the absolute minimum I need for my family.  I have bunnies too though and if I can reduce or eliminate their pellet consumption that would be great.  So I am going to double the amount allowing room for any number of issues plus feeding the bunnies now 156.  I read a forum on that said you can expect about 1/2 lb of beans per plant if you keep picking them, they also said it takes approximately 1lb of beans per pint jar.  So 2 plants per pint so for a 1 year supply equals 312 plants I need to plan to plant.  Yea…I definitely do not have enough seed.  See I now know in February instead of May that I need to buy more seed….LOL 

Other resources:

Stay tuned I am working on a couple of paintings of green beans.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Awesome Arm Warmers

I LOVE <3 tall socks especially striped tall socks!  I bet your wondering what the heck does that have to do with arm warmers?  Well if you think out side of the box like me it means awesomeness!  LOL
Anyway some of my favorite tall socks have gotten quite worn.  I started getting irritated with my toes popping through them…ahhh!  NO NO NO!  I don’t want to through away my AWESOME socks, I say!!!  LOL kind of comical huh? Soooo how do I save my tall socks?
I cut off the bad part (heel down) and slipped them over my arms.  LIGHT BULB! DING DING DING!  So I looked up how to so the edges so they won’t fray out all over the place.  Through my research (I don’t know how to sew anything more than a straight stitch…LOL) I found what stitch to use.  Looked in my sewing machine’s instruction manual to learn how to do the stitch modified the length and width directions a bit for what I had envisioned.
Ok so using the double-over-locking stitch pattern with a length of 2 and a width of 4 I sewed the edges of my arm warmers.  I then cut a tiny slit where I wanted my thumb to poke through and used the same stitch around the hole the slit created. In the future I will probably use the button hole directions for the thumb slots though.
Drum roll please….here is the result:IMG_20140215_104053
Not bad for my first time sewing something other than a straight stitch…huh?  I like the way the main opening ended up kind of frilly too.  I think I might buy 2 pairs of matching socks from now on so that my socks and arm warmers will match.  Yea!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Anasazi

The Anasazi people are a Native American race from the Southwest the Earthway book references their time to around 650 A.D. They could have appeared as early as the end of the Archaic period (1500 BC-AD 200) (1).  They thrived during the period of AD 900-1100 (2).   Main surviving decedents include the following tribes: Hopis, Zunis, Acomas, and Pueblos (3).  

Their belief was that they were the people of the stars and that their ancient ancestors where star born.  Their blood heritage is that of a far off constellation (probably Orion (4)).  This is where they claim their knowledge comes from.  The Orion Zone article even offers scientific information concerning the possibility of this. 

The stars and heavenly aspects dominated their traditional ceremonies.  The children were taught the sacred ways and the influences of the planets from birth.  They lived by the stars with an understanding that Earth (Maa-ru the child) was only a temporary home. I find it interesting that they named the Earth a child seeing how scientists only recently discovered that the Earth is very young by comparison to the rest of our Galaxy and the Universe.  Their ancestors prophesized of their return to home. 

They had Star Legends and each planet had a ruling ancestor who was a famous elder.
The race was very spiritually enlightened through their ancient wisdom. Their astronomical beliefs resemble astrology today.  These beliefs are based on the knowledge they received from their star ancestors.  Earthway states that it is highly accurate and more advanced than our concepts today.  Their astrology has 1 planetary ruler for each whole month instead of splitting it between months.  Their healing methods also correlate to the planet's magnetic pull and vibrational frequency.  The Anasazi called each month a season which is important to know for future research on the topic.

They firmly believed in the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, the planet itself, the solar system, the galaxy, and all of the cosmos.  They believed all life on the planet Earth is connected to the cosmos like a giant mother's umbilical cord.  According to their tradition every thing is made out of "Starstuff".  Science has recently confirmed that every mineral and element in our bodies would not be here if it wasn't for the birth and death of stars.  They also believe all life on Earth to be made out of "Earthstuff" which all elements and minerals on Earth were formed from star dust.  So this makes a complete cycle, which seems to be the trend with the laws of the cosmos.  This knowledge, although we have just recently begun to "get it" is the foundation of their beliefs in the interconnection of all life and all the cosmos. 

The way I perceive this belief is that the only thing that makes me different from…oh say, a blade of grass, is how my essence (my soul energy) chose to vibrate causing a specific combination and frequency of bonding these elements and minerals.  It's kind of like the difference between pancakes and waffles they both have essentially the same ingredients but a little variation in how much of everything, and a different cooking method produces different results.  So to does the energy within my cells cause a different combination and cooking of my stardust to create me and my DNA which differs from the blade of grass but we both have essentially the same ingredients (stardust).

The Anasazi believed this to be attributed to the frequencies in which everything vibrates.  I even just recently watched an episode of "Stephen Hawking's Grand Design" Season 2 Episode 2 "The Key to the Cosmos" which described that scientists recently found that the protons and neutrons of atoms  have even smaller components called Quarks.  These are the same for every single atom known to exist.  The way I understand what this say is that the way the Quarks vibrate determine the way the protons and neutrons form there for determining what atom comes into existence. If this theory is true then it completely confirms the Anasazi's believe in vibrational frequency determining what stardust may become.  I am going to pretty much leave the vibrational frequency science talk alone now because I am not an expert in the String Theory, quantum mechanics, or physics.  I just know that when legend and science intersects truth tends to happen.

I love all of this and how it connects.  Physics tells us energy can neither be created nor destroyed only converted into different forms.  This fits perfectly because when a star dies the elements that make up our planet are born and when a planets die it puts dust/elements back into the universe to be made into something else…perhaps even a star.  It is a complete cycle.  So nothing ever really dies it just changes form and so do we.


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The Future

In Earthway we are reminded that we have the same sensing instincts as the animals that can predict storms that are coming.  We just need to remember how to use them and practice using them.  If a cow can sense a storm coming isn't it then sensing something that will happen in the future?  Why then is it so hard for us to believe that we to can tell the future?  Even in some small sense.  All it takes is an open mind, and an awareness of the Earth around us.

Everything is one living thing moving as one.  Everything's magnetic energy pushes and pulls on everything around it therefore everything has an influence on everything else.

The Phoenix is rising and the Earth is altering.  Causing the Earth's magnetic field to be no good for a minute or too.  This will cause changes in our atmosphere.  This is because the Earth's axis will wobble around for a while before settling in a position that is about 22 degrees in the opposite direction.  This is a prediction that the Adept Medicine Woman No-Eyes told Mary Summer Rain about in the Book Earthway.

This is an ongoing post so stay tuned for updates.  Information from various sources will be included in the near future.

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Spiritual Energy

Everyone and everything (matter) as well as all spaces in between (non-matter) has a field of vibration. Earthway calls this "vibrationary fields of matter and nonmatter." In order to live a more natural and healthy life we need to learn how to tune our own field of vibration to harmonize or match our surrounding's field of vibration. Much like we tune a piano.

Everything is one living thing moving as one. Everything's magnetic energy pushes and pulls on everything around it therefore everything has an influence on everything else.

In the Anasazi tradition even their healing practices correlate to the ruling planet's magnetic pull and field of vibration.

This is an ongoing article so please stay tuned for updates. I will be adding information from various sources in the near future.

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We all share a bond with nature and the cosmos because we have the same genetic coding. "Within us lives the universe, the Grand Cosmic Lifeforce of the Source itself." We have always been "connected to the stars like some big mother's cord." Everything is one living thing moving as one.

Now with this conscious knowledge we need to learn to love each other and become one with everything just as the Earth Mother loves and cares for us. We need to learn to love and live with nature and amongst each other. Becoming in sync with all spirits of life. This will lead to a more natural healthy way of life.

Everything in the sky effects us including our own weather. You acknowledge this every time you say, "I'm feeling a little under the weather." The animals are often better at sensing coming storms than we are. In Earthway we are reminded that we have the same sensing instincts we just need to remember how to use them and practice using them. If a cow can sense a storm coming isn't it then sensing something that will happen in the future? Why then is it so hard for us to believe that we to can tell the future? Even in some small sense. All it takes is an open mind, and an awareness of the Earth and Universe around us.

This is an ongoing article so please stay tuned for updates.  I will be posting information from various sources in the future.

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Altered States

Ancient cultures had knowledge of healing the Earthway. They drew upon the knowledge of their ancient ancestors through entering altered states. This allowed them to tap into the universal wisdom.

According to Earthway anyone can tap into this knowledge when they are ready. You only have to be sensitive enough. If you have an open mind and are aware of the Earth and Universe around you, you can tap into this knowledge.

This might not seem like much information right now but it is an ongoing article that will be updated as I research the information available to me. So stay tuned this article will be huge!

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Systems of Healing



Healing methods are based on the month (season's) magnetic pull and vibrational frequency.  For more information on each planet's influence and months of influence please see the following links.



Shamans are individuals who are religious leaders as well as healers.  They practice healing the body as well as the soul.  All Native American tribes had a Shaman, Medicine Man, or Witch Doctor.  They practice in similar ways although they do not follow a specific set of religious guidelines as defined today.


Physical treatments the Shamans used included ointments, herbalism, and using tools such as a hollow bone to suck poison out of the body and sharp flints to cut the skin.  All of these would be very helpful in a natural crisis where someone may have been bitten by something venomous.  One plant we know of that they used as a pain killer was the root of the black cohosh also known as squawroot.


This is an ongoing article that will be updated regularly as I come across information.  It doesn't seem like much right now but has the potential to become a huge post.  So stay tuned for updates.


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Natural Living

Earthway is a way of natural living. Minerals, geology, botanicals and many more things work together toward healing.
Having a medicine bundle/bag is good medicine for the owner. I have sort of a medicine bag. In the traditional sense it is usually made of buckskin and contain small packages of healing herbs and special trinkets, crystals, rocks any kind of memento that is special and has a memory or meaning to the holder. It is considered very sacred and not to be shared with anyone. My current bag is just a crown royal bag but I plan to contact someone locally to try and learn how to make one traditionally as well as any rites that may accompany the making of the bag or I will find some directions and attempt it on my own.
In order to live in a more natural and healthy way we need to learn how to attune ourselves to the Earth's vibrations.
This is an ongoing article so stay tuned for future updates.

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