Friday, December 20, 2013

Inner Reflection for 21DEC13 - 10JAN14

In the article I previously wrote "Is Obama Care in the Stars?" I outlined the upcoming Venus Retrograde in Capricorn as it relates to us and current US issues.  My source for that article was with/in this source there is a PDF outlining how to understand what specific areas you should actively review as pointed out in your Natal chart…you can find the PDF here .  In the following paragraphs I will try to outline how think I am supposed to interpret it.  Using myself as an example may help you to figure your own chart out.  This is just responsive writing and I am a beginner so any feedback would be highly encourage…I may or may not be reading it right.  Beginner or not I would like all to comment with their interpretations so that we may collaborate on what this really means.  There are many other MAJOR aspects going on during this period as well.  I am currently only focusing on this one.
The first thing tells us to do is to locate the house or houses on your natal chart that occupy 28 degrees to 13 degrees Capricorn (going with the motion of the retrograde).  Ok I have 2 houses that occupy that area.
My 1st House occupies 28 to 22 Capricorn.
My 12th House occupies 21 to 13 Capricorn.
According to the author of the source article there are 2 sides you can focus on in each house.  One is material "Practical Manifestation" the other is spiritual " Archetypal or Spiritual Manifestation.  Since I have 2 houses to focus on I am curious when the transition from house 1 to house 12 will take place.
Here in Greentown, Indiana (EST) Venus will go Retrograde at 4:54 pm on the 21st December 2013 at 28 degrees Capricorn in my 1st House.  At 12:28 A.M. on the 10th of January 2014 Venus moves into my 12th house.
So as I know from the previous article I am supposed to focusing on Venus's concepts and how they affect my self value, love and worth.  That was a long list of concepts I was not comfortable with…maybe this will help me narrow it down.
What the PDF article says about House 1:
On the practical side I should focus on my "Role and Image" my sense of identity, image, and body.  ME!
On the Spiritual side I should focus on "Embodiment"  How I  express or make visible my spirit.
Yes focusing on these do have something to do with esteem and worth so it does narrow down what I should focus on.
I think since Venus spends the majority of the  time prior to the 11th (time of oneness with source) that I am supposed to spend the most time reflecting inwardly on these issues.
What the PDF article says about House 12:
On the practical side I should focus on "Retreat" my relationship to god, divinity, spirit: my desire to improve humanity and my compassion.
On the spiritual side I should focus on "Spiritual Vision" how I escape the material world and experience the Divine.
I can see why this only encompasses 1 day prior to oneness.  I have already been focusing on my spiritual path and trying to figure out how to improve humanity.  I however do need to work on my compassion some and escaping reality to commune with the Divine.  I feel this is probably because once I learn to appreciate myself better I will have more room in my heart for the latter 2.
The PDF also says to check anything that is at 28 or 13 degrees of any sign because the patterns of those planets will be triggered as well.  Through inquiry I learned that this is referring to the placement of the planets within your natal chart.  Let me go see what if any is at those degree positions in my natal chart.
My Natal:
My Sun was at 13 degrees Gemini House 5
North Node was at 13 degrees R Cancer House 6
The Sun's patterns will be triggered.
My conscious mind, my will to live, my creative life force ,life purpose, ego, basic identity and self-realization, vitality, what I am learning to be, my reasoning, and the present
In natal house five what the sun "supports" (I think, some feedback is definitely needed on this part):
Love (not the commitment kind)
I do love to create.  I have been craving more entertainments and wishing to spend more time with my son.  The pleasure and love I think are learning it personally for my self.  As this does relate to the Venus Retrograde and those houses.
The North Node's patterns will be triggered.
Experiences required for balance of karma and spiritual growth.  Consciously working on "life lessons" to increase happiness and fulfillment. Personal success.
How does this in retro-grade affect this?
In natal house 6 what the North Node "supports" (I think, some feedback is definitely needed on this part):
Effort in the work environment (currently only blog and do art at home)
Daily life
Health (daily)
Relationships with co-workers or subordinates (I currently have neither)
Desire for improvement
I have had a desire for improvement of many things.  One of them is my effort being compensated some how.  I am in the apprentice phase when it comes to blogging and actually trying to sell my pieces of art.  Improving my finances.  At least my husband finally got a job so that does allow more freedom in my daily life.  Health this coincides with needing to focus on my self a bit more.
So in summary from December 21st through January 10th I need to focus on my self esteem, self worth, self image, my role in this world, my spiritual path, and compassion.  My life's purpose, basic identity, self realization, and vitality will be triggered.  As well as life lessons in apprenticeship, daily work and life, daily health and my desire for improvement will be triggered.
That is a good stopping point for tonight I will work on what the 11th means tomorrow.  I just thought it was important for me to fully understand this time period now since this retrograde starts tomorrow.  I have more time to figure out the 11th.  Blessings and light be with you all.  Please share you might just help someone else figure out something they need to reflect on.
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