Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Philosophy Concerning Children

The other day I was pondering how I was going to include my 7yr old son in my path to spiritual awareness. We never have been a very spiritually based home. We don't follow any organized religion. My husband and I even pledged not to force any specific religion on him. We believe that he will follow what is in his heart and when the time is right he will choose the path that he wants to take. He does however, come home with many questions and I answer them to the best of my ability. I do not deny him of religious teachings either. I tell him the story he inquires about and let him form his own opinion on it. The school he goes to has a populous that is mainly Christian. Yes the children do talk about their religion at school. This is ok with me…they are entitled to their own beliefs. He has already had to deal with kids calling him crazy because he tries to teach them about his latest science experiment or what he has been tinkering with, with Daddy. How then do I teach him about the Divine Creator in a way that he will feel comfortable discussing it with his peers? With out fear of criticism? With out him trying to crush the beliefs of others? Every one needs something to believe in, especially the children. This is a very emotionally sensitive period in their lives, and he is quite a bit more emotionally sensitive than his peers. This is important to me to figure out because I feel we have been missing something in our home by avoiding the topic. There are many values in spirituality and religion that I wish to teach him. I want him to know The Creator and these values through love, peace, joy and harmony. I do not want him to fear The Creator because of prejudice, disaster, and damnation. I wish this for all of the world. However as the old saying goes…"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I prefer to think it is possible it is just harder. The children are our future. If we want more love, peace, joy, and harmony in the world, we need to emulate this in ourselves so that we can be good role models for the children. We need to start teaching the children these good values. One adult at a time, one child at a time; we can change the world. The world will very soon be a new place with this kind of teaching. Recently this has been proven by the elite. Many of them say they have come up with solutions to many problems by listening to what their child has to say. Sometimes it is this simplistic view that answers the most questions. We as adults have been blinded by what has become seemingly normal and complicated where as the children remind us to get back to the basics. Children absorb much more than we give them credit for. Why not then give them love, hope, and abundance to absorb. One example of this is when your child wants something at the store. Maybe ask them why they want it. Why that reason is important to them. If you can not buy it for them that is ok. Why tell them though that they can't have it? That phrase leaves a feeling of lacking. Why not instead say, "You CAN have that!" "You need x amount of money." "How do you think you can earn that much?" This allows the child freedom to solve their own problem, with your guidance of course. This gifts them with the feeling of empowerment, instead of the feeling of lacking. Children who feel empowered will do great things in the world! Eventually every problem or situation that confronts them will just be another solution or puzzle they have to figure out. The problems in the world that are associated with the feeling that everyone is entitled to something will most likely slowly fade away like a bad nightmare. The world will be a much better place for it. This is only one example of how teaching our children, our future, the right way will change the world dramatically. So! I have decided to refer to God as The Creator. I feel this is the most Universally acceptable title. I feel all religions and spiritual beliefs can identify with this term. I think this will allow me to teach him the core of these value systems. Teaching him also how to live harmoniously in the world around us. Allowing him to take the journey to understanding the essence of life with me. As I think of stories I will be posting them here for all of you to read. Who knows after I have enough capitol they may come together into a children's book or two. In order to change the world into a better place we need to share our knowledge and what we have learned with all. Let them decide their own path but put the knowledge there for them to read when they are ready. There for please share this posting with all! Thank you for reading and may blessings and light be with you all!