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January: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

    Earthway - Section One: The Body - The Soil of Sacred Ground -
    Part I: The Cosmic Umbilical - Sharing the Celestial Genetic Coding of the Sky and Heavens -
    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
    Currently only available in book format.
    Earthway: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality): Mary Summer Rain: 9780671706678: Books
    Screen clipping taken: 10/28/2013, 10:13 PM
    This information can be found in the table on pg. 13 and in the text on pg. 19 as well as the specifications of Jupiter itself.
    Month: January
    Planet: Uranus
    The symbol:
    Ruling Ancestor: Kaa-nu (Kah new)
    • Philosopher of the people.
    Identity:  The Philosopher
    Magnetic Season: Wolf Moon (January)
    Season Name: Tay-ee-taa (Tay ee tah)
    Personality influences:
    • Free thinkers
      • Innovative ideas and concepts
      • Burning concerns
      • Doubts of traditional beliefs
      • Confusion
    Physical influences:
    Circulatory system
    Ailments in extremities
    Leg cramps
    Varicose veins
    Cold and numb fingers
    Accidental mishaps with arms and/or legs
    The old healer knew people became extremely active during this season.  He warned them not to stay out in the cold too long.  And to shorten the length of time they spent outside on their Sky Watches.
    These are just notes of importance from the book.  It does not compare at all to the beautiful stories and medium this is described through in Mary Summer Rain's book.  I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of her work for yourself as it really is written beautifully.

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The Elements

Astrological ElementsIn Astrology:
Western Tropical:

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are grouped by their characteristics. Sorting them by element or triplicity (3 signs for each element) groups them according to their temperament (nature/personality).
Astrological Elements and Signs 1200
Information and art based on The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume 1: The Basic Principles pgs. 5-6:

Me Natal no linesYou saw how the elements work in the natural chart above now you can see how they work in a Natal Chart.  This is my natal chart.  I will share with you how my planets are dispersed according to element.  I am only including the planets, luminaries, AC, MC and North Node because that is what my book covers.  It doesn’t cover asteroids so I will not be counting them here.

Fire: Uranus and Neptune = 2
Earth: Venus, and AC = 2
Air: Mercury, Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto = 5
Water: North Node, Jupiter, Moon, and MC = 4
So Air is the predominant element in my Natal Chart.

Me Solar Return no lines
Since my birthday is coming up I decided to look at my Solar Return chart as well.  This is when the Sun returns to the same degree it was at, at the time of your birth.  It usually falls on your birthday but may be off by a day or two (the Julian Calendar isn’t precise as the Sun).  This is about all I know about it but figured I would attempt to read it as well as I went along.  So as another example here is the breakdown of the elements in my Solar Return chart.

Fire: Uranus, MC, and Moon = 3
Earth: Venus and Pluto = 2
Air: Sun, Mars, North Node, and AC = 4
Water: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune = 4
So Air and Water are the predominant elements in my Solar Return Chart.

I hope this clarifies things for all of you.  I know it certainly did for me.  I am so thankful for the gift of this book.  It makes the path have more direction.  Please SHARE the knowledge.  Love and light to all!
According to Franz Bardon use can theoretically understand the effects of the elements when used for personal reasons through the astrological information contained in books like the one I am sharing with you.
I thought the following was relevant too because it talks about 12 semitones which is the same number of signs in the Zodiac!  Hmmmm…connectedness.
the adjustment of intervals in tuning a piano or other musical instrument so as to fit the scale for use in different keys; in equal temperament, the octave consists of twelve equal semitones.

What element is dominant in your natal chart?



In ancient oriental texts:

The elements are called Tattwas. (Bardon, Franz)


In the Indian representation of the Tattwas all of the elements descend from a 5th element called Akasa, making a quintessence.  Their names for the elements are as follows (Bardon, Franz):

Akasa=principle of the ether

Tejas=principle of the fire

Waju=principle of the air

Apas=principle of the water

Prithivi=priciple of the earth




In Tarot (Bardon, Franz):



Goblet (cups)=Water



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Bardon, Franz: Initiation into Hermetics

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What is a Horoscope

    "The word horoscope means "hour pointer."" It's a map of the sky as determined by the time and place someone was born.  It determines their potentials and characteristics.    This map or diagram is called many things:
    • Natal chart
    • Radical chart
    • Nativity
    For an accurate horoscope you MUST have the exact time (preferably verified by documentation) and place of birth.  Reading/interpreting these charts requires "considerable learning, time, practice, serious ," reflection, and application.  It is like learning a new symbolic language.  It takes practice to become fluent in it.
    This is why I am not doing any interpretations really as of yet.  I am only practicing on myself when intrigued by a topic of transits.
    Astrology will help you learn how to look at events in your and others' lives more intelligently.  Understanding what forces are operating (sort of behind the scenes).  You will then see how these forces relate to events in your life.   You determine how much you use the talents and potentials you are shown in your horoscope, your attitude and free will is the determining factor.
    Paraphrased from The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume 1: The Basic Principles pgs. 3-5:
    I hope this clarifies things for all of you.  I know it certainly did for me.  I am so thankful for the gift of this book.  It makes the path have more direction.  Please SHARE the knowledge.  Love and light to all!
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What is Astrology

Astrology is a "subjective" science that studies how celestial bodies such as constellations/stars, planets, asteroids and all of their angles'  affects people and things here on Earth.  It is rooted deep in history.   It was the science of the stars prior to astronomy.  Astronomy is the "objective" science that studies the same celestial bodies as well as others in the sky today.  The charting of a horoscope is astronomical and the interpretation you give it is astrological.

The skies are divided into sections.  These sections are labeled as houses and signs.  These sections' placement on your chart depends on your place of birth.
  • Signs are considered the field of action.
    • Divided by space on the ecliptic (a path the planets seem to follow through the sky).
      • The ecliptic (circular path) has 360 degrees.
      • Each sign is given exactly 30 degrees
      • Aries is the first 30 degree section.
        • Begins at the Vernal Equinox
      • Signs are calculated by Aries ingress (Sun reaches 0 degrees Aries).
        • Due to precession (wobble of Earth's axis) this point is now in Pisces.
  • Houses are places where the action occurs.
  • Planets are the motivating powers and sources.
All of this is very important for when you are ready to start interpreting charts.

This study helps all to see how everything is interconnected.  Showing us the harmonious little parts that make up the whole.  It is more like a philosophy than a predictive science.  It helps us to learn more about ourselves, discovering new qualities and talents we may not have known existed.  There for it helps us become more productive.  Leaving us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

There are many types of astrology.
The original 4:
  • Natural/physical:  the effects on tides, weather, atmosphere, and seasons.
    • This is very interesting.  I have been learning a little bit about this topic in my Earthway book.  Notes on this can be found here: Books and Resources.
  • Mundane/Judicial:  effects on nations, economy, and politics.
  • Natal/genethliacal: Individuals and their birth charts.
  • Horary:  specific questions/times/places.

The Western Astrology page is only focused on Natal/genethliacal astrology currently.

In western astrology there are two different types:
  • Planet positions are based on signs.
  • Ancient way.
  • Planet positions based on constellation.
  • Accounts for precession.

For the Anasazi people of the American Southwest astrology was a way of life and the core of their belief system.  They believe this Earth (Maa-ru the child) is only a temporary home.  Their ancient star legends foretell of a time when they will return home to the far off constellation their ancestors came from. 

Their astronomical beliefs closely resemble today's astrology, although the book Earthway states that their system is far more accurate.  It's planetary rulers cover one whole month instead of splitting them between months.  Each month is called a season in Anasazi astrology.  Their beliefs are based on the vibrational and gravitation fields of the heavenly bodies and how they affect humans on both the mental and physical levels.

Their healing methods even correlate to the ruling planet's gravitational pull and vibrational frequency.

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_ - Taurus















Western Tropical:

Taurus is 1st of 3 signs that make up the triplicity of the Earth Element.  The elements describe the sign's temperament (a prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody). 


Taurus has an earthy personality.  Taurus is very sensual and loves material comforts.  They have excellent recuperative powers probably because they know how to conserve their energy.  They are very practical and dependable.  However if their gifts are used in a negative way or if they are rubbed the wrong way they can become dull and materialistic.


Taurus is 1st of 4 signs the make up the quadruplicity of the Fixed Quality (mode of operating in life).

Determined, focused, and purposeful never wavering from their goal.  They accomplish things in a gradual yet stable way, penetrating the depths of what they are working on and remembering it in an excellent way.  They walk through life  with dignity.


The book has not indicated that I should interpret anything yet.  However I do feel it would be good practice to try to combine these basics to understand the sign more fully.


My Interpretation of how the Earth Element and the Fixed Quality work together to describe the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Taurus is earthy and works at a gradual, stable pace conserving their energy as needed.  This allows them to recuperate easily when needed.  They are very practical.  They are dependable, determined to achieve their goals in a focused and unwavering way.  This backs their sensuality and love for material comforts.  They have an excellent memory and penetrate what ever they are working on to the core.  They are dignified.


Planetary Ruler: imageVenus


This page will be updated regularly with what I learn please check back often.


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Cosmic Union January 11th 2014

The PDF also encourages us to check on the 11th if there is anything at 21 degrees of any sign.  These items will create "harmonic resonance" and will feel refreshed and renewed.
Saturn's transit position for that day is at 21 degrees Scorpio transiting my Natal 10th House.
 Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.  Wow!  How amazing is it that the Planetary ruler of the sign that the Venus Retrograde is happening in will be refreshed, renewed, and in harmonic resonance with in my self.  It does not aspect anything it is simply harmonizing with this day of oneness.  By reading
I feel that Saturn's transit over my Natal 10th house resonating/harmonizing with oneness with the source will make me feel at peace with my self of what I have accomplished to date.  This combined with the need for self reflection and increasing my self esteem and my own feeling of worth.  I believe the whole goal of this transit is going to bring to light what I really want to do.  Where I stand in this world and feeling ok about it, in peace and harmony.  Setting the best possible intentions that will work the most harmoniously with my destiny.  Resonating my true self throughout the Universe.
Vesta's transit position for that day is also at 21 degrees in Libra transiting my Natal 9th House.
I know Vesta is rarely used however since it will be resonating/harmonizing with this very important day of the retrograde I think it is note worthy.
Vesta will bring me the ability to devote myself to returning to a University(house 9) in a new place (9) a degree path that deals with philosophy, spirituality (9), and the unknown (9).  This setting may appear Rebellious (9).  This degree path will cause actions such as refinement (Libra) most likely of my skills, becoming more sociable (L), accommodating (L) of myself (retro period) in a diplomatic (L), fair (L)  and just way (L).  I may be indecisive (L) about specific majors and minors.  But will become more kind (L), likeable (L), and respectful (L).  This will result in a more artistic (L) me!  And since it resonates with the source these are probably the intentions I am supposed to formulate on this day.  It does reflect my goals that I originally had 14yrs ago (Saturn's transit).
There was absolutely no interpretation I found on this.  Just put the pieces together myself so ALL feedback is welcome.
That is all that is at 21 degrees on January 11th 2014.
Similarly any planet at 9 degrees of Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo,
Sagittarius and Pisces) will be brought into dynamic focus (As per the PDF).
Nothing is transiting 9 degrees of any of those signs.
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Inner Reflection for 21DEC13 - 10JAN14

In the article I previously wrote "Is Obama Care in the Stars?" I outlined the upcoming Venus Retrograde in Capricorn as it relates to us and current US issues.  My source for that article was with/in this source there is a PDF outlining how to understand what specific areas you should actively review as pointed out in your Natal chart…you can find the PDF here .  In the following paragraphs I will try to outline how think I am supposed to interpret it.  Using myself as an example may help you to figure your own chart out.  This is just responsive writing and I am a beginner so any feedback would be highly encourage…I may or may not be reading it right.  Beginner or not I would like all to comment with their interpretations so that we may collaborate on what this really means.  There are many other MAJOR aspects going on during this period as well.  I am currently only focusing on this one.
The first thing tells us to do is to locate the house or houses on your natal chart that occupy 28 degrees to 13 degrees Capricorn (going with the motion of the retrograde).  Ok I have 2 houses that occupy that area.
My 1st House occupies 28 to 22 Capricorn.
My 12th House occupies 21 to 13 Capricorn.
According to the author of the source article there are 2 sides you can focus on in each house.  One is material "Practical Manifestation" the other is spiritual " Archetypal or Spiritual Manifestation.  Since I have 2 houses to focus on I am curious when the transition from house 1 to house 12 will take place.
Here in Greentown, Indiana (EST) Venus will go Retrograde at 4:54 pm on the 21st December 2013 at 28 degrees Capricorn in my 1st House.  At 12:28 A.M. on the 10th of January 2014 Venus moves into my 12th house.
So as I know from the previous article I am supposed to focusing on Venus's concepts and how they affect my self value, love and worth.  That was a long list of concepts I was not comfortable with…maybe this will help me narrow it down.
What the PDF article says about House 1:
On the practical side I should focus on my "Role and Image" my sense of identity, image, and body.  ME!
On the Spiritual side I should focus on "Embodiment"  How I  express or make visible my spirit.
Yes focusing on these do have something to do with esteem and worth so it does narrow down what I should focus on.
I think since Venus spends the majority of the  time prior to the 11th (time of oneness with source) that I am supposed to spend the most time reflecting inwardly on these issues.
What the PDF article says about House 12:
On the practical side I should focus on "Retreat" my relationship to god, divinity, spirit: my desire to improve humanity and my compassion.
On the spiritual side I should focus on "Spiritual Vision" how I escape the material world and experience the Divine.
I can see why this only encompasses 1 day prior to oneness.  I have already been focusing on my spiritual path and trying to figure out how to improve humanity.  I however do need to work on my compassion some and escaping reality to commune with the Divine.  I feel this is probably because once I learn to appreciate myself better I will have more room in my heart for the latter 2.
The PDF also says to check anything that is at 28 or 13 degrees of any sign because the patterns of those planets will be triggered as well.  Through inquiry I learned that this is referring to the placement of the planets within your natal chart.  Let me go see what if any is at those degree positions in my natal chart.
My Natal:
My Sun was at 13 degrees Gemini House 5
North Node was at 13 degrees R Cancer House 6
The Sun's patterns will be triggered.
My conscious mind, my will to live, my creative life force ,life purpose, ego, basic identity and self-realization, vitality, what I am learning to be, my reasoning, and the present
In natal house five what the sun "supports" (I think, some feedback is definitely needed on this part):
Love (not the commitment kind)
I do love to create.  I have been craving more entertainments and wishing to spend more time with my son.  The pleasure and love I think are learning it personally for my self.  As this does relate to the Venus Retrograde and those houses.
The North Node's patterns will be triggered.
Experiences required for balance of karma and spiritual growth.  Consciously working on "life lessons" to increase happiness and fulfillment. Personal success.
How does this in retro-grade affect this?
In natal house 6 what the North Node "supports" (I think, some feedback is definitely needed on this part):
Effort in the work environment (currently only blog and do art at home)
Daily life
Health (daily)
Relationships with co-workers or subordinates (I currently have neither)
Desire for improvement
I have had a desire for improvement of many things.  One of them is my effort being compensated some how.  I am in the apprentice phase when it comes to blogging and actually trying to sell my pieces of art.  Improving my finances.  At least my husband finally got a job so that does allow more freedom in my daily life.  Health this coincides with needing to focus on my self a bit more.
So in summary from December 21st through January 10th I need to focus on my self esteem, self worth, self image, my role in this world, my spiritual path, and compassion.  My life's purpose, basic identity, self realization, and vitality will be triggered.  As well as life lessons in apprenticeship, daily work and life, daily health and my desire for improvement will be triggered.
That is a good stopping point for tonight I will work on what the 11th means tomorrow.  I just thought it was important for me to fully understand this time period now since this retrograde starts tomorrow.  I have more time to figure out the 11th.  Blessings and light be with you all.  Please share you might just help someone else figure out something they need to reflect on.
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Is Obama Care in the Stars?

I read an article on this year's Venus Retrograde(appears to us as moving backwards).  It is very intriguing and inspirational.  It talks about purification, cleansing, rebirth, and transcending.  You may find the article here: .  It covers the theme of this retrograde and it's affects as they pertained to biblical times as well as how it should be applied to the world today as a whole .  How you can use the energies it brings (generally speaking) and why it is so important.  The following is my attempt to make sense of the above article.  I am new to astrology so I have broken things down even further for the understanding of my self and others.  I have included my thoughts and reasoning along the way.  Feedback is highly encouraged.  I would like to know what you feel, how you interpreted the information, and what you think beginner or master all are welcome.  I am new to astrology and this I feel is the best way to learn, forming my own conclusions and seeing how they resonate with others.  I highly encourage you to read the source article as well.  How this pertains to current issues of the USA is at the end of this article. 
In this retrograde Venus is visiting the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  Changing the light and facilitating re-birth of the typical patterns that are associated with Capricorn.  (Paraphrased from the first article sited above).
The keywords associated with Capricorn, according to are listed below:
(determined or stubborn, tightly held, persistent, able to remember many things, sticky or clinging, not easily disconnected (as per the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) research function).
So what do I see here?  I see Venus making us aware of (shedding light on) our own and the world's difficulty to change ways, our stubbornness, grudges, ambitions (which some have caused the over use of resources).  The rebirth of (replacing it with)being resourcefulness (managing your resources) and conservatism.   More people becoming wise and disciplined.  Perhaps even the rebirth of ancient knowledge (able to remember many things) wise (wise ones is what comes to mind) that will allow us to ambitiously use our resources the right way in a conservative manner for the good of all.  That last sentence was very hopeful and if this transition is used correctly, just may come to be…we can only hope! <3
So how do we use this transition to better ourselves and the world?  Perhaps looking at what you yourself are unwilling to change will give you a clue.  Fill in the blanks:
"I wouldn't change ____ for anyone!"
"Hell will freeze over when I _____!"
"I'll be damned if _____!"
Now look inside and ask your self why those particular things, concepts, ideas, or traits are important to you.  At minimum this will result in the rebirth and awakening of more self awareness.  If you want to take this even further you can continue to look around you and see how it affects your soul, spiritualism and the ones you love (Venus).  Do these thoughts still serve you and or those around you?  This will awaken a general idea of where you fit in the world.  What you do with it after that is up to you. 
This journey starts on the 21st of December 2013.  The 11th of January 2014 is when you may feel enlightened or one with the source or the divine or God. 
From my understanding you start inner reflection on the 21st of December.  On the 11th of January you feel deeply connected (an aha moment may come to light), and you may come to know what your path on this Earth is supposed to be (What God, Divine, Source intends for you to do) with love (Venus).  This may possibly show you how your ambitions and your love may become one.  Resulting in balance and harmony. 
There is a bubble chart in the source article that lists Venus words and concepts.  You are supposed to note any of those words that currently feel uncomfortable.  Ok the next part is going to be kind of personal but it will give you an idea of how this transit concept is supposed to work from the author of the source article's point of view.
Values (main bubble the below stemmed from)
Wow I am currently uncomfortable with a lot of Venus concepts in myself.
So from the 21st through the 10th of January I should meditate on the themes in my life that are associated with those words.  How they are manifesting in my life and when they interact intimately with those in my life.  I need to think about if I really value those aspects or how I nourish them in my life.  Then on January 11th I should set aside some time to "set constructive intentions concerning my self love, self value, and self appreciation."  Renovate it, enlighten it and integrate it as part of my self.  From the 12th to the 31st of January I should start to see the seeds start germinating and becoming fruitful in reality.
Now for the world and the even possibly slightly controversial part.
Ok I just realized something!  I am going to make a wild connection that will probably be highly controversial and instigate a lot of comments.  Oh well!  Start commenting.  Hehehe
Shedding light or highlighting resources (current financial crisis)  and stubbornness (senate and house issues with compromise):  The debt ceiling renegotiations are scheduled to deadline some time mid January (the 10th is standing out to me but don't quote me on that date it needs checked).  That perfectly coincides with the Venus Retro period prior to becoming one with the source on the 11th.  The theme behind this debt ceiling debate (USA) has been actual resources, conserving those, and getting rid of costly programs (Obama Care).  Seeing how the source article says that some Venus concepts are Finance, Worth, Fairness, Justice, Sociability (Socialism/Obama Care).  I really do think that what is happening in financial negotiations in the USA perfectly coincides with this retrograde.  (Many people had forgotten about this deadline, being a service connected disabled Veteran, and almost losing my compensation last time these talks were happening…I didn't forget.)  How this is supposed to materialize in love and harmony…I have no idea I guess we will just have to see what the elite does with it.  In the US and maybe even for the world (there are a lot of world wide currencies based on the US dollar) this may result in a conservative use of resources.  It could mean a complete financial system restructure…I don't know it is really does rely on how the law makers use this energy.
Light and love to all.  Please comment and share the knowledge.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Philosophy Concerning Children

The other day I was pondering how I was going to include my 7yr old son in my path to spiritual awareness. We never have been a very spiritually based home. We don't follow any organized religion. My husband and I even pledged not to force any specific religion on him. We believe that he will follow what is in his heart and when the time is right he will choose the path that he wants to take. He does however, come home with many questions and I answer them to the best of my ability. I do not deny him of religious teachings either. I tell him the story he inquires about and let him form his own opinion on it. The school he goes to has a populous that is mainly Christian. Yes the children do talk about their religion at school. This is ok with me…they are entitled to their own beliefs. He has already had to deal with kids calling him crazy because he tries to teach them about his latest science experiment or what he has been tinkering with, with Daddy. How then do I teach him about the Divine Creator in a way that he will feel comfortable discussing it with his peers? With out fear of criticism? With out him trying to crush the beliefs of others? Every one needs something to believe in, especially the children. This is a very emotionally sensitive period in their lives, and he is quite a bit more emotionally sensitive than his peers. This is important to me to figure out because I feel we have been missing something in our home by avoiding the topic. There are many values in spirituality and religion that I wish to teach him. I want him to know The Creator and these values through love, peace, joy and harmony. I do not want him to fear The Creator because of prejudice, disaster, and damnation. I wish this for all of the world. However as the old saying goes…"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I prefer to think it is possible it is just harder. The children are our future. If we want more love, peace, joy, and harmony in the world, we need to emulate this in ourselves so that we can be good role models for the children. We need to start teaching the children these good values. One adult at a time, one child at a time; we can change the world. The world will very soon be a new place with this kind of teaching. Recently this has been proven by the elite. Many of them say they have come up with solutions to many problems by listening to what their child has to say. Sometimes it is this simplistic view that answers the most questions. We as adults have been blinded by what has become seemingly normal and complicated where as the children remind us to get back to the basics. Children absorb much more than we give them credit for. Why not then give them love, hope, and abundance to absorb. One example of this is when your child wants something at the store. Maybe ask them why they want it. Why that reason is important to them. If you can not buy it for them that is ok. Why tell them though that they can't have it? That phrase leaves a feeling of lacking. Why not instead say, "You CAN have that!" "You need x amount of money." "How do you think you can earn that much?" This allows the child freedom to solve their own problem, with your guidance of course. This gifts them with the feeling of empowerment, instead of the feeling of lacking. Children who feel empowered will do great things in the world! Eventually every problem or situation that confronts them will just be another solution or puzzle they have to figure out. The problems in the world that are associated with the feeling that everyone is entitled to something will most likely slowly fade away like a bad nightmare. The world will be a much better place for it. This is only one example of how teaching our children, our future, the right way will change the world dramatically. So! I have decided to refer to God as The Creator. I feel this is the most Universally acceptable title. I feel all religions and spiritual beliefs can identify with this term. I think this will allow me to teach him the core of these value systems. Teaching him also how to live harmoniously in the world around us. Allowing him to take the journey to understanding the essence of life with me. As I think of stories I will be posting them here for all of you to read. Who knows after I have enough capitol they may come together into a children's book or two. In order to change the world into a better place we need to share our knowledge and what we have learned with all. Let them decide their own path but put the knowledge there for them to read when they are ready. There for please share this posting with all! Thank you for reading and may blessings and light be with you all!