Thursday, December 5, 2013

December: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

    Earthway - Section One: The Body - The Soil of Sacred Ground -
    Part I: The Cosmic Umbilical - Sharing the Celestial Genetic Coding of the Sky and Heavens -
    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
    Currently only available in book format.
    Earthway: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality): Mary Summer Rain: 9780671706678: Books
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    This information can be found in the table on pg. 13 and in the text on pg. 17 as well as the specifications of Jupiter itself.
    Month: December
    Planet: Jupiter
    The symbol:
    Ruling Ancestor: Quaa-Qu (Coo ah coo)
    • Provider of the people.
    Identity:  The Provider
    Magnetic Season: White Woman Moon (December)
    Season Name: Maa-ee-tay-taa (Mah ee tay tah)
    Personality influences:
    • Intensifies the desire for knowledge
      • The Wise One and elders would gather to discuss the deeper spiritual and esoteric concepts of their heritage.
      • This was the time for recounting and preserving the sacred knowledge of their distant ancestors.
    Physical influences:
    • Hip-joint complaints
    • Liver ailments
    • Sciatica
    • Affects on the Pituitary gland
    Quaa-qu (Provider of the People) knew that Maa-ee-tay-taa (White Woman Moon) would help the people recuperate quickly as she blessed the sick in this way.
    These are just notes of importance from the book.  It does not compare at all to the beautiful stories and medium this is described through in Mary Summer Rain's book.  I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of her work for yourself as it really is written beautifully.