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^ - Aries

















Western Tropical:

Aries is one of 3 signs that make up the triplicity of the Fire Element.  The elements describes the sign's temperament (a prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody/ personality). 


Since Aries is a Fire sign it is safe to say that it's dominant personality characteristics are as follows. 

Aries has a fiery and enthusiastic personality. They are very passionate and romantic.   Aries is spontaneous and Self-sufficient.  If  Aries' talents are used negatively or if they are rubbed the wrong way they can become bossy and forceful.


Aries is 1st of 4 Cardinal signs.  The qualities describe the mode of operating in life.

Meaning that Aries operates in the following ways:

Aries Initiates things.  They move through life actively.  They are very ambitious, always wanting more, enthusiastically and passionately.  They are independent and quick minded.


The book has not indicated that I should interpret anything yet.  However I do feel it would be good practice to try to combine these basics to understand the sign more fully.


The combination of the Fire element and the Cardinal quality causes Aries to be:

Fiery they are full of passion and tend to do things in a very passionate way.  They are extremely romantic.  They are very active and tend to do things in an enthusiastic way.  They initiate many things and go after what they want very ambitiously.  They always want more.  They are spontaneous and use their quick mind to overcome any obstacles.  They are very self-sufficient and usually prefer to work on their own.


Planetary Ruler: imageMars


This page will be updated regularly with what I learn and artwork I do please check back often.


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Saturday, November 16, 2013

12 Signs of the Zodiac

    I have been learning a lot about astrology through many wonderful groups of people, internet research, and reading books.  The most important thing that I have learned is that knowing your own sun sign is not enough.  You must know about all 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Every single one of them appears in your Natal or Birth Chart somewhere. So before you can really start learning to decipher your chart you must first learn about these signs.   "The sign may be considered the field of action." (1p2)







    These signs are:

    ^ - Aries

    _ - Taurus

    `  - Gemini

    a - Cancer

    b - Leo

    c - Virgo

    d - Libra

    e - Scorpio

    f - Sagittarius

    g - Capricorn

    h - Aquarius

    i   - Pisces





    I will be posting information on these astrological signs as I learn.  I will be starting with just the basics for each symbol for ease of learning.  As I learn more I will go into more detail about each sign through multiple resources.  Check each post often as I will be linking new research to each often. 

    Here is my artistic representation of my Natal/Birth chart for you to see how it uses all 12 symbols.  It is from the view point of me being in the center looking around the circle.




  1. The Only Way to Learn Astrology: Volume I-Basic Principles by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rose Seeds

    I went to my bother-in-law's house the other day for may sister-in-law's birthday.  They had this beautiful rose bush that still had one rose flower on it.  This was surprising because of how cold it has been.  One solitary light (almost white) yellow rose.  It still had many rose hips where the other blooms used to be.  I felt compelled to ask my sister-in-law if I could have one of the rose hips.  My brother-in-law told me to go ahead and pick one.  He said it was full of blooms all year.  This plant was there when they moved into the house so no one is quite sure what breed it is.   My sister-in-law asked me if I have something to put it in.  I said that a zip lock baggy would do just fine until I got home, and that yes I have a pot to try to start them from seed.  She seemed happy when I told her I like to try and see what I can grow from seed.  After careful examination of the rose hips it looks like I have a lot of seed.  I am going to research if I need to do any preparation to the seeds before I plant them.
    So this is the check list I have made:
    pull the hips from the plant
    Split the hip open
    Remove the seeds
    Make sure all hip tissue is removed (hair like fuzz) it will slow down germination.
    The seeds have to be kept cold for at least 30 days some sites recommend up to 3 months.  The sites I went to recommended sterilizing the seed prior to putting it into cold storage (the refrigerator).  If you want to sterilize your seed just-in-case that is up to you.  I thought it was an awful lot of stuff that mother nature doesn't do so I chose to skip those steps.  I chose to wet some paper towel and place the seeds in it.  I then folded it up around the seeds and placed it in a zip lock baggy.  I labeled it and put it in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator.
    Here is what the seeds look like:
    I set a reminder on my phone to remind me to check their moisture content (they have to stay moist) twice a week.  They should be ready to plant no sooner than 12/12/13.  The best thing about growing seeds like this is that you get a wonderful surprise.  You never know what kind of combination Mother Earth gave to you until it blooms.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

    Earthway - Section One: The Body - The Soil of Sacred Ground -
    Part I: The Cosmic Umbilical - Sharing the Celestial Genetic Coding of the Sky and Heavens -
    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
    Currently only available in book format.
    Earthway: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality): Mary Summer Rain: 9780671706678: Books
    Screen clipping taken: 10/28/2013, 10:13 PM
    This information can be found in the table on pg. 13 and in the text on pg. 18 as well as the specifications of Saturn itself.
    Month: November
    Planet: Saturn
    The symbol:
    Ruling Ancestor: Saa-qu-ya (Sah coo yah)
    • The Wise One of the People
      • All Anasazi Wise Ones were called by this name
    Identity:  The Wise One
    Magnetic Season: Moon of Many Fires (November)
    Season Name: Raa-qu-taa (Rah coo tah)
    Personality influences:
    • High level of ambition
    • Drive to accomplish all tasks and goals to perfection
    • Trait of strong responsibility
      • This often causes many inner conflicts
      • The Wise One often counseled on not taking their responsibilities too far.
      • Many got into trouble for interfering with other's personal lives.
    Physical influences:
    • Orthopedic ailments including:
      • Trick knees
      • Rheumatism
      • Arthritis
    • These complaints coincide with the Moon of Many Fires (November) because it's damp chill creeps into rooms when fires are not well attended to.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chamomile Tea for the Scalp

I am going to go buy some Chamomile tea tomorrow!
I was researching how to take care of my itchy scalp and I came across this article:
I liked what it said about Chamomile.  It sounded like it would be much easier to use than the other treatments plus I'm sure it smells better than some of them too.  Anyone who has used Apple Cider Vinegar for anything knows what I mean!  I don't want to walk around smelling like stinky feet for 24hrs LOL.  Lets be realistic about this treatment stuff…LOL. 
Apparently I just have to make a cup of chamomile tea and after it cools pour it into a spray bottle spray it directly on my scalp and rub it in.  Concentrating it in the itchiest spots.  It also helps with any sores you may have caused from scratching your head!  No I don't have lice…LOL My husband checked.  Apparently since I have strayed away from most chemicals it is likely that my scalp is irritated by the chemicals in shampoo.  Anyway.  I decided to do more research on Chamomile's uses on the hair and scalp since I would be applying it there anyway.  This is so I wouldn't be surprised by any other effects.
WARNING! This will gradually LIGHTEN your HAIR!  So if you don't want your hair lighter don't use this.  I don't mind…I'm thinking maybe it will help my grey not stand out so bad! LOL.  Anyway it might be wise to make sure all of your hair gets some so your roots don't end up lighter than the rest of your hair…just saying :)
If you have BLONDE hair this will brighten it up for you. 
If you have dark hair and want highlights apparently you can add henna to it and it is a natural highlighter.
For brunettes using it has a final hair rinse will add a "bright golden light" too it and as stated before will gradually lighten it.
It soothes your scalp, eliminates dandruff, and prevents it from coming back apparently.
I received all that extra info from the following article:
The first article should have warned about the lightening effect because some could get mad about it.  Not me though…I'm gonna do it.  I will keep you posted on how my scalp and hair is doing along the way as well as how it effects my hair type (thick, curly, sometimes frizzy or fuzzy looking poufy white girl afro puffs LOL).
There are more health benefits of Chamomile tea as well and I will go over those as I move through the body system. Smile with tongue out

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ayurvedic Medicine–The Story of Medicine Notes

Exploring History - The Story of Medicine - Medicine Around the World and Across the Ages
By: Brian Ward
Ayurvedic Medicine
  1. India 1200-900B.C. Hindu text are written called Vedas.
    • A whole body of knowledge containing religious, philosophical teachings, and medical information.
    • In the religious section it explains how the body works and describes diseases.
    • Treatments included herbal remedies.
    • This was practiced until about 1000B.C.
  • After this the new medical beliefs were still based on the Vedas but also included the beliefs of Buddhism.
    • The combination of the 2 systems was called Ayurvedic Medicine.
      • Ayurvedic means Knowledge of life.
      • 2 books that were written on Ayurvedic medicine were:
        • Caraka-Samhita (final version written in ~100A.D.) written by Doctor Caraka.
        • Sushruta-Samhita (final version written in ~600A.D.) written by Doctor Sushruta.
      • They believed that desires upset the body's balance, so they have to be satisfied in moderation.
        • We know now that too much of anything (including good things) can be a bad thing.
      • The body is built from 3 essences or elements.
        • Air (breath)
        • Phlegm
        • Bile
          • All of these had to be in good balance for a person to have good health.
            • Curious that these are the things doctors pay the most attention to when the make their preliminary diagnosis.
          • They believed that these 3 interacted and combined to create:
            • Flesh
            • Fat
            • Marrow
            • Blood
            • Bone
            • Chyle (Fatty fluid)
            • Semen
      • Treatment restores the balance of the essences through:
        • Prayer
          • Practicing Yoga helps the body reach a state of spiritual enlightenment and keeps the 3 essences in balance.
            • 200B.C. Yoga-Sutras described Yoga in writing for the first time.
        • Herbal medicine
          • There were a large range of herbal medicines and drugs to choose from.
            • Most were made from animal parts or minerals
        • Diet
        • Surgery (sometimes)
      • The doctors were very skilled in diagnosing patients.
      • Apprentices had to memorize Veda passages.
        • Appropriate verses would come to mind during examination.
          • This sounds similar to what the status quo calls spells (repeating chants over and over again).  Maybe since a lot of people couldn't read and write in these times it was the best way to learn, memorize, and pass down knowledge so that it wouldn't be lost.  Just saying…I am seeing a lot of similarities in a lot of cultures and am angered at the fact that people want to belittle the ancients by calling things like this devil worship or demonic or evil.
        • The verses helped the doctor make a proper diagnosis and suggest the right treatment.
      • Hygiene was very important to surgeons.
        • They stressed washing the body and cleaning the teeth regularly.
      • Surgeons preformed the following:
        • Removed tumors
        • Removed cataracts
          • We have only recently started doing this!
        • Repaired broken bones
        • Stitched wounds
          • Wounds were stitched by fierce biting ants who gripped the edges of the wound and held them tightly together.
            • I read somewhere else (I think a survival article) that all of the ant except the head was then removed.
        • Preformed Caesarean births
        • Preformed Amputations
        • Removed bladder stones
        • Preformed reconstructive (plastic) surgery
          • Hindu Surgeons developed plastic surgery.
          • They preformed skin grafts.
            • They knew it was essential to keep a bridge of living tissue in the skin flap which they used to reconstruct a nose to prevent the grafted tissue from dying.
          • For nose surgery Quills were placed into the nostrils so the patient could breathe while his wounds healed.
            • New to us!
            • The did all of this with a higher survival rate than "Western" European doctors up until the 1800s.
            • Pretty impressive to me!
      • They were forbidden to cut open a dead body but was still able to map a whole system of furnaces, tubes, and valves.
      • Brahma was the God said to have developed Ayurvedic Medicine.
        • Brahma is one of the ruling gods in Hindu tradition.
        • The ruling gods are a TRINITY of gods.
          • Sound familiar?
  • 1000A.D. Islamic medical practices were introduced to this system.
  • 1500s European Western Medical ideas were introduced.
If you have already researched and wrote an article on the highlighted topics please place your link in the comments section.  If you know of a good book on the topics please place a link to purchase it in the comments section.  Thank you for reading please share!