Monday, April 28, 2014

Midnight Stealth Awesome Report 2

A recap of all the awesome accomplishments of the week.

In publishing:
  • I completed updating the post I wrote concerning the Anasazi Native American Indian Tribe.  This post now contains much more information about when they lived, their beliefs, and some scientific information that coincides with their beliefs.
  • I attempted some research on the Anasazi's ancient ancestor Qu-say-u (the Ancient Warrior) and the magnetic season of Yu-aa-nu-taa (the Talking Wind Moon) with no further results.  I am vigilant in learning more about these and plan on approaching this research through their descendent tribes and possibly even by obtaining new resources.  Until I have reached some new information I will be moving on to the next topics of foods and remedies that may help with the ailments listed in the influences of Mars/magnetic season of Yu-aa-nu-taa.
  • On my blog I have earned $0.01 this week, had 60 page views, and my RPM is up to $0.19 (meaning if 1000 people were to view my blog right now that is what I would get).

In Art:
  • I completed the removal of the background of my base layout truck.  This truck is a key component for the piece I am working on now which shows what a modern Aries might be doing.  If you are interested in viewing my completed works you can view and purchase them at

Personal Growth:
  • I have read 5 chapters of the Kybalion which I think will contribute to my work greatly.


Some awesome stuff happened this week!  Hoping next week will be even better!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Midnight Stealth Awesome Report #1

    In publishing:
    I completed a blog post on the planet Mars.  This article covers both the modern and traditional ruling of astrological signs from the Western Tropical system.  It also covers information from the Anasazi about the magnetic season (month) it rules, the ruling ancient elder, as well as the physical and mental influences the season seems to have on us humans.  This article also describes how the two systems seem to correlate in similar ways.
    This post has raised a lot of interesting discussion on the topic of the Anasazi.  I have found the article I had previously written on this Native American tribe and plan to link it to the articles that mention the Anasazi people.  Thank you to a friend who pointed out that some people may not know who they are. This is AWESOME I LOVE feedback and discussion.
     I have learned more about the Anasazi this week and plan on updating the article with the new information I have obtained.  I am even adding some scientific information to back what I have learned about their beliefs. 
    Some topics I hope to research this week that evolved from this post and will most likely result in future posts are:
    1. More specific information on the ruling ancestor and the magnetic season names.
    2. Foods that are good to include in your diet that correspond to the listed physical influences of this magnetic season/month.
    3. Remedies and healing methods for the listed physical influences.  I hope to include a variety from many sources.

I just looked at my Google Adsense stats and my average weekly earnings since I started in July of last year are $0.18, last week I only earned $0.01 bringing my total to $7.31.  With this in mind I have made two goals.  My short term goal for this week is to at least make that $0.18.  My long term goal is to earn $92.69 more so that I can get my first check from Google!

    In Art:
    Friday is my contribute and grow day!  I decided to grow in my artistic abilities this week.  I learned what Art Deco style is.  I viewed many pieces of Art Deco work to fully grasp the concept of this style.  Since my niece was visiting from New York I decided to use her and her husband to experiment on…LOL.  Really it's not that bad…LOL  No I found a picture that the lines kind of gave an illusion of a heart so I drew it out.  I used Art Deco styled lettering to write True Love at the top and put their names in the center.  I even went as far as to fill the thick part of the letters with an Art Deco pattern.  It turned out really nice.  I really wish I would have remembered to take a picture of it before I gave it to them.  I didn't think about it since it was just a practice piece.  Anyway, Awesome Point, I now know a new style of art and have grown as an artist!

    clip_image001In Crafts:
    I worked on the "Jewel of an Afghan" blanket for a little while and am now on the last row of what the book tells me to do.  I am probably going to make it big enough to fit my King sized bed though.

    Tons of AWESOME POINTS because all this was done while keeping my house spic and span because I have an AWESOME Realtor who showed my house everyday except Good Friday and Easter this last week.

    Light, love, and blessings to all.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    Astrological symbol

    Anasazi symbol

    Western Astrology:
    Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries.  Therefore it is harmonious in temperament (it's nature or personality) with the sign of Aries.  Mars is also the traditional ruler for  Scorpio.  Some astrologers still use it as the main ruler for Scorpio.  I won't be using it in this way for now as the book I am learning from teaches the use of modern rulers.


    clip_image005Anasazi Information:

    Ruling Ancestor
    Magnetic Season
    Season Name
    The Ancient Warrior
    Talking Wind Moon

    Yu-aa-nu-taa is pronounced (You ah new tah) and Qu-say-u is pronounced (Coo say oo). 

    Psychological influences:
    • Obstacles in life paths
    • Strong constitution
    • Frustrating difficulties
    • Hampered forward progress
    • Thirst for deeper understanding

    Physical influences:
    • Head ailments (Mostly suffered by the "Marked" individuals such as those with birthmarks, facial moles, more defined bone structure and/or thicker hair).
    • Yo-naa (the healer) believed this to be caused by atmospheric pressure and treated the conditions accordingly.


    Other information I though note worthy and personal thoughts:
    My Earthway book says that Qu-say-u was the ancient elder who was the protecting Warrior of the Anasazi people.  I thought this interesting to note because in western tropical astrology Mars is the planetary Ruler of Aries.  If memory serves me right Aries is often associated as a Warrior or the God of War.  I just thought it would be interesting for all of you to point out the similarities of both systems.

    There is so much to learn about each aspect of astrology.  It takes you into many fields of study.  Some sources have more to offer than others and some of it is quite scattered.  I will add to the information contained on this page as learn more and read more.  So stay tuned for updates.  If you think this information will benefit anyone else please share.  Thank you for reading.