Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cosmic Union January 11th 2014

The PDF also encourages us to check on the 11th if there is anything at 21 degrees of any sign.  These items will create "harmonic resonance" and will feel refreshed and renewed.
Saturn's transit position for that day is at 21 degrees Scorpio transiting my Natal 10th House.
 Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.  Wow!  How amazing is it that the Planetary ruler of the sign that the Venus Retrograde is happening in will be refreshed, renewed, and in harmonic resonance with in my self.  It does not aspect anything it is simply harmonizing with this day of oneness.  By reading
I feel that Saturn's transit over my Natal 10th house resonating/harmonizing with oneness with the source will make me feel at peace with my self of what I have accomplished to date.  This combined with the need for self reflection and increasing my self esteem and my own feeling of worth.  I believe the whole goal of this transit is going to bring to light what I really want to do.  Where I stand in this world and feeling ok about it, in peace and harmony.  Setting the best possible intentions that will work the most harmoniously with my destiny.  Resonating my true self throughout the Universe.
Vesta's transit position for that day is also at 21 degrees in Libra transiting my Natal 9th House.
I know Vesta is rarely used however since it will be resonating/harmonizing with this very important day of the retrograde I think it is note worthy.
Vesta will bring me the ability to devote myself to returning to a University(house 9) in a new place (9) a degree path that deals with philosophy, spirituality (9), and the unknown (9).  This setting may appear Rebellious (9).  This degree path will cause actions such as refinement (Libra) most likely of my skills, becoming more sociable (L), accommodating (L) of myself (retro period) in a diplomatic (L), fair (L)  and just way (L).  I may be indecisive (L) about specific majors and minors.  But will become more kind (L), likeable (L), and respectful (L).  This will result in a more artistic (L) me!  And since it resonates with the source these are probably the intentions I am supposed to formulate on this day.  It does reflect my goals that I originally had 14yrs ago (Saturn's transit).
There was absolutely no interpretation I found on this.  Just put the pieces together myself so ALL feedback is welcome.
That is all that is at 21 degrees on January 11th 2014.
Similarly any planet at 9 degrees of Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo,
Sagittarius and Pisces) will be brought into dynamic focus (As per the PDF).
Nothing is transiting 9 degrees of any of those signs.
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