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The 3 signs (triplicity) in the Air Element:
Keywords for air signs:
Good communication
Abstract reasoning
They can become cold and impractical. (1p6)
Me Natal no lines
In my natal chart I have Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Mercury in the Air signs.  My natal chart is made up mostly of the Air temperament.
Me Solar Return no lines
In my Solar return chart I have Mars, my North Node, my Ascendant, and the Sun in the Air element.  Air is very prevalent in my solar return chart as well.
I looked up the definition of "Temperament" for deeper understanding and for future interpreting adventures.
a person's or animal's nature, esp. as it permanently affects their behavior
I thought the following was relevant too because it talks about 12 semitones which is the same number of signs in the Zodiac!  Hmmmm…connectedness.
the adjustment of intervals in tuning a piano or other musical instrument so as to fit the scale for use in different keys; in equal temperament, the
octave consists of twelve equal semitones. (2)
In the tarot the element of air is represented by the rod (wand). (3p10)
In ancient Indian texts it is the Tattwa called Waju. (3p10) Air or Waju is derived from Akasa (ether/spirit) as well.  It is the mediator between Fire and Water.  When air mixes with fire you get warmth.  When air mixes with water you get humidity.  Air allowed life to take motion.  It’s mixing with fire and water gives it two distinct polarities as well.  The positive life giving and the negative destructive polarities. (3p12)
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