Monday, December 30, 2013

January: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

    Earthway - Section One: The Body - The Soil of Sacred Ground -
    Part I: The Cosmic Umbilical - Sharing the Celestial Genetic Coding of the Sky and Heavens -
    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
    Currently only available in book format.
    Earthway: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality): Mary Summer Rain: 9780671706678: Books
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    This information can be found in the table on pg. 13 and in the text on pg. 19 as well as the specifications of Jupiter itself.
    Month: January
    Planet: Uranus
    The symbol:
    Ruling Ancestor: Kaa-nu (Kah new)
    • Philosopher of the people.
    Identity:  The Philosopher
    Magnetic Season: Wolf Moon (January)
    Season Name: Tay-ee-taa (Tay ee tah)
    Personality influences:
    • Free thinkers
      • Innovative ideas and concepts
      • Burning concerns
      • Doubts of traditional beliefs
      • Confusion
    Physical influences:
    Circulatory system
    Ailments in extremities
    Leg cramps
    Varicose veins
    Cold and numb fingers
    Accidental mishaps with arms and/or legs
    The old healer knew people became extremely active during this season.  He warned them not to stay out in the cold too long.  And to shorten the length of time they spent outside on their Sky Watches.
    These are just notes of importance from the book.  It does not compare at all to the beautiful stories and medium this is described through in Mary Summer Rain's book.  I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of her work for yourself as it really is written beautifully.