Midnight Stealth

This is the page where you can follow all of my pursuits by week regardless of what the topic is.  I originally was doing Art Newsletters but found it difficult to do one weekly since I don't always focus on art every week so I have switched to this format to cover everything that Midnight Stealth does.  Even though I have yet to personally receive any money for my endeavors... all of the things I do have the potential to  make money.  So even though I have yet to make money I have decided my "Doing Business As" name to be Midnight Stealth.  It's a pretty catchy neutral name that can come before any subcategory.  Keeping the Law of Attraction in mind is what made me decide to make this page.  I will be posting my Awesome reports here.  When I do make money I will celebrate it here.  Money is not the only gain in life however so I will also post any thing I completed or how I may have made a difference in peoples lives or bettered the world in some way here as well.  It's a place for me to track my accomplishments no matter how great or small and set new goals both short and long term.  Gotta share these somewhere since I am a business of one.  So now for the Midnight Stealth Awesome Reports.