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Western Tropical:

Taurus is 1st of 3 signs that make up the triplicity of the Earth Element.  The elements describe the sign's temperament (a prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody). 


Taurus has an earthy personality.  Taurus is very sensual and loves material comforts.  They have excellent recuperative powers probably because they know how to conserve their energy.  They are very practical and dependable.  However if their gifts are used in a negative way or if they are rubbed the wrong way they can become dull and materialistic.


Taurus is 1st of 4 signs the make up the quadruplicity of the Fixed Quality (mode of operating in life).

Determined, focused, and purposeful never wavering from their goal.  They accomplish things in a gradual yet stable way, penetrating the depths of what they are working on and remembering it in an excellent way.  They walk through life  with dignity.


The book has not indicated that I should interpret anything yet.  However I do feel it would be good practice to try to combine these basics to understand the sign more fully.


My Interpretation of how the Earth Element and the Fixed Quality work together to describe the zodiac sign of Taurus.


Taurus is earthy and works at a gradual, stable pace conserving their energy as needed.  This allows them to recuperate easily when needed.  They are very practical.  They are dependable, determined to achieve their goals in a focused and unwavering way.  This backs their sensuality and love for material comforts.  They have an excellent memory and penetrate what ever they are working on to the core.  They are dignified.


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