Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Name

Many of you may have noticed that the name of this blog has changed. Just-in-case you are a new visitor, I will explain. First of all, welcome new visitors. This blog used to be named, "A New Way?" I chose this name because it was a new way or new path for me. Through much of my research and writings I realized what was new to me was common practice for others. I used to be a city girl and had moved to the country a couple of years ago. I was and still am on a path of searching for more natural ways to live. As I gained more insight I realized some of my initial thoughts were more idealistic than practical. My family is made up of only 2 adults and 1 child. So we found this out through trial and error. However I did manage to stumble upon something. In my search for ways to live more natural I found my self also on a spiritual path. A path of self awareness and harmony. I wanted to share what I had learned on my spiritual path as well, and I have. I continue to update this page with the knowledge that I find. On this path I started to realize that so many things are connected and that we are all connected. Every time I research something natural I find something of super-natural or spiritual significance. The combination of my new way not being new to others, and the spiritual connections I am finding, made the old name just not fit the blog anymore. There for I re-named the blog Earthly Harmony. I feel this fits the combination of the natural path and the spiritual path much better. My only hope is that I will be able to help you see the same connections as I do, in a harmonious and loving way. Love and light to all. Remember if we wish change in this world we must be willing to teach and/or share what has been taught. If change is something you wish for please share my page and posts with others. :) <3