Monday, March 3, 2014


    Anasazi Information:


    Ruling Ancestor
    Magnetic Season
    Season Name
    May& August
    The Spiritual Father
    Moon of Little Changes

    Waa-pu is pronounced (Wah-poo) and Aa-nu-qu-taa is pronounced (Ah new coo tah).

    Psychological influences:
    • Inner restlessness
    • Critical temperament
      • Saa-qu-ya (wise woman)'s treatment:
        • She would let those with internal conflicts vent to her.  She advised them to center on the importance of family and home.  To calm boredom she advised them to participate in more community activities more frequently.
        • She would often be the mediator/negotiator for those with critical temperament to settle any family disagreements.

    Physical influences:
    • Respiratory ailments
    • Chronic arthritis specifically finger joints (Waa-pu (Mercury) affects the hands and arms).
    • Central nervous system disorders
      • Yo-naa's (healer) treatment included:
        • Special potions that acted as tranquilizers to ease tension.
        • Rest
        • Well-balanced diet

    Mary Summer Rain also included the following specifications:
    Position from Sun: 1st
    Distance from Sun 47.2 million miles
    Orbital revolution: 88 days
    Orbital velocity: 29.75 miles/second
    Rotation period: 58 days 21 hours 58 minutes
    Equatorial diameter: 3.032 Miles
    Surface temperature: 620 degrees F
    Relative to the Earth:
    Surface gravity: 0.38
    Volume: 0.0559
    Mass: 0.0553
    Density: 0.99

    Western Tropical Astrology information coming soon so stay tuned.

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