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Western Tropical:

Aries is one of 3 signs that make up the triplicity of the Fire Element.  The elements describes the sign's temperament (a prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody/ personality). 


Since Aries is a Fire sign it is safe to say that it's dominant personality characteristics are as follows. 

Aries has a fiery and enthusiastic personality. They are very passionate and romantic.   Aries is spontaneous and Self-sufficient.  If  Aries' talents are used negatively or if they are rubbed the wrong way they can become bossy and forceful.


Aries is 1st of 4 Cardinal signs.  The qualities describe the mode of operating in life.

Meaning that Aries operates in the following ways:

Aries Initiates things.  They move through life actively.  They are very ambitious, always wanting more, enthusiastically and passionately.  They are independent and quick minded.


The book has not indicated that I should interpret anything yet.  However I do feel it would be good practice to try to combine these basics to understand the sign more fully.


The combination of the Fire element and the Cardinal quality causes Aries to be:

Fiery they are full of passion and tend to do things in a very passionate way.  They are extremely romantic.  They are very active and tend to do things in an enthusiastic way.  They initiate many things and go after what they want very ambitiously.  They always want more.  They are spontaneous and use their quick mind to overcome any obstacles.  They are very self-sufficient and usually prefer to work on their own.


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