Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dear Readers,

As many of you know now this blog has a new name Earthly Harmony.  Thanks to the numerous transits going on right now I have had the opportunity to reflect on where I want to take this blog and how it is laid out.  The new name fits perfectly with my goals however some of how the blog has been laid out prior to now just really didn't fit my long term goals.  This is why many of you are seeing the words "under construction" a lot right now.

Through my research on a vast number of topics I am starting to see connections.  A grand design and pattern to it all.  An intricately woven blanket you might say.  The way the blog was set up did not reflect this thinking and imagery at all.  There for I am changing the way my pages are laid out.  The end results will be very satisfying I am sure. 

Just like we have many goals in our individual lives so do the living and even non-living things around us have more than one purpose.  To say a Green Bean's only purpose is to be eaten is kind of like saying a woman's only purpose is to bear children.  Now we all know that is not true.  There for I have changed the way this blog speaks of living and non living things.  I am currently restructuring the information I have already provided as well as linking them with in the articles to help you see the connections I have made.   I only have a limited amount of time to work on these posts and it has been quite hectic to do them with the local school cancelations due to weather.  So when my time is up I write "under construction" so that you know there is definitely more coming, very, very soon.  This may seem like a slow process but I do want to still work on new material for all of you as well.  So please be patient with me…it is a fine balance of fixing the old and making room for the new so you can see the beautiful world I do.

Christa Chandler

P.S.  I have a lot of books to read and I am finding common themes in them.  I hope you enjoy this new structure as it is finished.  I will connect the common themes a lot better.