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g - Capricorn















Western Tropical:

Capricorn is 3rd of 3 signs that make up the triplicity of the Earth Element.  The elements describes the sign's temperament (a prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody).

 Capricorn loves the Earth it is Earthy.  They are very sensual and love material comforts. have excellent recuperative powers probably because it knows how to conserve it's energy to use it in a practical way.  They are very dependable.  However if  it's gifts are used in a negative way or if it is rubbed the wrong way it can become dull.  Some see it as materialistic.


Capricorn is 4th of 4 signs that make up the quadruplicity of the Cardinal Quality (mode of operating in life).

Capricorn initiates things.  They move through life actively.  They are very ambitious, always wanting more, enthusiastically and passionately.  They are independent and quick minded.


The book has not indicated that I should interpret anything yet.  However I do feel it would be good practice to try to combine these basics to understand the sign more fully.


 Earth +  Cardinal =

Capricorn is very sensual and shows it through their passion.  They love material comforts and go after them ambitiously always wanting more.  They are very dependable and use their quick mind the best when working independently.  They are  practical and conservative with their energy allowing them to recuperate from their active lifestyle quickly.


Planetary Ruler: clip_image001Saturn


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