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October: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

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    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
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    Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi
    I will be covering these by month.  I will start with the current month of October.  I would be interested to know if any one has felt these influences this month since we are nearing the end of it.  I will be posting November's very shortly.  I have gathered this month's information from a nicely laid out chart (wish I could just copy it over but that would be illegal) on page 13 of the book and the text on page 21 should you choose to buy the book for yourself. :)
    Month: October
    Planet: Pluto
    • Pluto has only recently been discovered since the invention of telescopes.  Pluto is NOT a naked eye object.  So the fact that the Anasazi of A.D. 650 knew of this planet (when there were no telescopes) gives some validity to their claim that their ancestry came from the stars.  Just had to point that out.
    The symbol: image
    Ruling Ancestor: Yo-naa (Yo nah)
    • Old wise man who healed the people.
    • All healers were then called by this name.
    Identity:  The Healer
    Magnetic Season: Cold Moon (October)
    Season Name: Mee-ee-taa (me ee tah)
    The specifications of Pluto are also listed on page 21 of the book.
    Personality influences:
    • Saa-qu-ya counseled "budding intellects" during this season.
    • Enhances inquisitive minds.
      • Feeling this!
    • Brings deeper comprehension of concepts
      • Feeling this!
    • Future teachers emerge "and become the wise one's students"
      • I want to become a wise one's student!
      • Their keen perception and analytical abilities are shown early in life.
      • This season make them stand out and claim their life's direction.
        • Definitely feeling this!
    Bodily influences:
    • Genital ailments
      • Urinary
      • Reproductive complaints
    • Increased infections
    • Increased counseling on sexual matters and matters of conception.
      • Saw this a lot in one of my astrology groups
    • Yo-naa prescribed many potions
      • Healer
      • Matchmaker
If you have more information on any of the highlighted items please add it in the comments, your opinions matter too.  If you have written or done any art on the topics mentioned please share your link/art in the comments section as well.
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