Monday, October 7, 2013

Comet ISON Discovery: Astrological Meaning

Comet's are stimulators and messengers—the heralds of the heavens

ISON was discovered in sidereal Gemini as it was entering our solar system just before its last retrograde loop.  ISON makes progressively larger retrograde loops each year as it moves closer to Earth, as shown in the star chart below.  These occur around the head of the Gemini Twins Castor and Pollux—our first and very prominent indicator to consider to derive astrological meaning.

What I think about the comet ISON in general.
Stimulates enjoyment, enthusiasm, excitement, cleverness, intellectualism, and communication.  It is trying to tell us to enjoy each moment, and to voice our opinions.  It may also cause some energies to be scattered.  Since it makes so many retrograde loops around the heads of Gemini (it's discovery place) I think it highly stimulates and encourages being clever, intelligent, and communication.