Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ceres Conjunct Ison: My Thoughts

My thoughts on the conjunction of Ceres (Asteroid re-classed as dwarf planet) and Ison (comet): 03 May 2013 I think in this part of Ison's Journey it is being a herald and messenger of motherhood telling us to enjoy each moment but also to use our intellect and cleverness in matters of food, cooking and nutrition. These are the messages Ison is sending me in this part of it's journey: Be good parents, work hard, and grow food! Communication through the exchange of energy and unification as a species through this, and becoming more connected with Mother Nature/Earth. Feelings of abandonment or unworthiness will scatter some people's energies. You can overcome many things where there is a great focus on communication, nurturing, and hard work. Conjunction warns of over-attachment (in the wrong areas), possessiveness and abandonment of children. I really think this is the beginning of something major. Interesting that this is very close to the time my planting zone is supposed to start gardening! Also I have been on a communication and energy sharing high since then and started this blog in late May early June…I will have to check the exact date on that. Information on conjunction date was researched here: http://www.lunarplanner.com/Snippets/13.11-Comet-ISON/ Information on what a conjunction is was researched here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/aspectsinastrology.html Information on Ceres was researched here: http://www.alwaysastrology.com/asteroids.html Information on Ison…I came to my own conclusions and you can see them under the Astrology tab on this blog page. I am only a student just learning about Astrology. The reason I am trying to interpret such advanced astrology is because one of my mentors Sherrye Weinstein, from the Worcester Astrology Forum, indicated to me that this particular object may be of great importance to me. So if you have any other takes, interpretations or views on this topic please, please comment what you think so that I may learn what my mistakes are. Also since this is after the fact if you know of any notable occurrences that happened on 03 May 2013 please post those as well. Now all I need to do is look up where Ceres was in my chart on 03 May 2013 and see what this part of Ison's journey indicates to me personally! Lots of research to do but going to bed for now. See you tomorrow, or maybe in my dreams! Thank you for reading. Please comment, like (+1), and share!