Monday, October 7, 2013

How ISON Affects my Sun Sign Gemini

    How ISON affects my Sun sign Gemini
    Gemini is my Sun Sign there for ISON greatly intensifies my ego, aspirations, my soul, will, vitality, individuality, creative energy, and honors. 
    I am biased when it comes to me that is why I am putting what other sites say and putting my comments in (parenthesis).  I don't think I will have this problem with others once I learn more.  Anything having to do with ISON is my own work because it is new in the solar system and comets are not covered much on other sights because of the time period they affect is limited.
    The Sun's position on my natal chart is:  Sun 13°13' Gemini, in House V.
    What the Sun in Gemini means:
    No one expects me to be where I am.  I am very curious and answer my own questions often (I spend a lot of time on this).  I am scatter brained meaning I can't stay on one topic (there is to much to learn)(This can be increased by ISON dramatically) but I do find answers and knowledge quickly and it doesn't take me much time to solve a puzzle.  I travel between places and topics in my mind.  As long as I can be social and have new things to learn I am fine (so true).  According to I am "expressive, lively, adaptable, quick-witted, humorous, sparkling (ooh, ooh! Shiny, Shiny!) playful (hehehe), sociable, clever, curious, whimsical, independent (yup!) Polyvalent (according to the dictionary I affect more than one strain of organism?), brainy, flexible, ingenious, imaginative, charming, fanciful but also capricious (dictionary says: tending to make sudden unexpected changes)(Intensified by ISON), scattered (yea I often skip words or whole sentences when I speak) (Intensified by ISON) moody (my hubby would agree with that), shallow (I don't think so), inquisitive (yes I ask a lot of questions)(Intensified by ISON), opportunistic (Intensified by ISON), unconcerned, selfish (sometimes), fragile (yes), ironical (isn't it ironic, don't ya think lol) or changeable.”
    Ok! what the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini means:
    Ambitious (INTENSIFIED) and watchful. Astrotheme says my cleverness is wasted in dubious business (for the longest time this was so true but I am determined to change that).  It also says I am spurred by the need to wield power (possible intensification) (more than anything I think I just want people to listen to me) I obtain positions of authority for better or worse (I really don't know how I get put in charge of stuff but I do and I usually some how succeed).
    Gemini in house 5 (the fun house, creativeness (INTENSIFIED), hobbies, luck in gambling, relationships with children (including mine). 
     Gemini in the Fifth House
    Gemini in the Fifth House bestows the flirtations (INTENSIFIED) tendency on the native's personality (very flirtatious, in my younger years anyway). Many love affairs (I have learned this causes too much drama), sometimes a couple at a time, are indicated as the Gemini influence lends its dual impact. The desire for variety is at the base of this person's character (yes I get very bored very easy). He will crave change (INTENSIFIED) and yet always maintain the uncanny knack of appreciating all he sees (INTENSIFIED) (yes). He will find himself immensely attracted to the intellectual set (yes smart people please talk to me), and his conversational ability  (INTENSIFIED) should draw him the variety he craves (it is starting to).
    The indications for children are not strong (I have only one child who is a miracle and that is all the patience I have to spare), and his family is usually very small. (All of this is so very true!)
    More specifically my fifth house is : House V 7°45' Gemini
    So this emphasizes rebellion, my anxiousness (I am always in such a hurry to learn or do something and I often suffer from anxiety attacks.)  Many fun type events I chose or choose to do can be destructive beyond my control (that is why I don't have any love affairs anymore and why I am very choosy about my friends).  Success, fame and wealth can be achieved in careers requiring creativity (INTENSIFIED) and eloquence (that's it! I'm going to quit worrying about if it will make me money or not and focus more on my arts and crafts!)  My spouse does not support my fun (since I have calmed down this is not as much of an issue).
    So since ISON is present I will say it  stimulates my creativity, my need to be a social butterfly, changes in scenery or events or topics.