Saturday, October 19, 2013

Call Out! Readers, Writers, Bloggers, Authors, Artists in general

I have come to a realization in life.  No matter how much I wish to research everything about everything…there is not enough time to do this in one lifetime.  There for I am hoping to take advantage of this World Wide Web for my subscribers and readers.  As I read books and articles I write about them on here.  I try very hard to avoid infringing on anybody whilst doing this.  I comment on things and highlight topics I wish to research further.  If you know something about a particular topic COMMENT ON IT!  If you are a writer, blogger, or author and have already researched one of the highlighted topics PASTE YOUR LINK IN THE COMMENTS.  If you have drawn, painted, or done any kind of art that relates to the topic PASTE YOUR LINK IN THE COMMENTS or PASTE YOUR PICTURE in the comments.  This will gain you more traffic to your site…I know this because I get more views when I paste my links in places.  I am hoping this call out will create a real community of knowledge for those who seek it.  Thank you…Enjoy your day!
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