Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Story of Medicine-Introduction

    Exploring History - The Story of Medicine - Medicine Around the World and Across the Ages

    By: Brian Ward




    The introduction of this book focuses mainly on the differences of Western and Eastern medicine.  It compares and contrasts it from a modern view all the way back to ancient times.  Western medicine treated symptoms and specific ailments where as Eastern medicine has always practiced the way of healing the whole body through balance.  Western medicine had very high death rates due to infection until the 1900s.


    "Disease is a state in which the body does not function properly." Health is relative according to what your expectations are for normal life.


    The book also mentions key dates of medical history.  Below are the ones I have chosen to research further in the near future:

    • Ancient times:
      • 15,000B.C. Cave paintings in France show Shamanic rituals.
      • 2700B.C. Shen Nong discovers herbalism.
      • 2600B.C. Imhotep describes ancient Egyptian medicine.
      • c.2000B.C. Legendary date for the writing of the Nei Ching.
      • c.1700B.C. Code of Hammurabi lays down laws for doctors (Hammurabi, king of Babylon)
      • 1550B.C. Ebers papyrus records Egyptian medical practices.
      • A.D.40-c.90 Dioscorides writes manual of herbal medicine.
    • The Middle Ages:
      • A.D.832 Non-Islamic medical texts are translated in Baghdad.
      • c.A.D.800 Rhazes prepares his medical compendium.
      • c.A.D.1000 Avicenna produces the Canon of Medicine.
      • 1258 Medical texts preserved by the Arabs flow back to the West.
    • The Renaissance:
      • 1543 Vesalius publishes accurate illustrations of human anatomy.
    • Modern Times
      • 1853 Queen Victoria uses chloroform an anesthetic during childbirth.
      • 1865 Joseph Lister carries out the first operation using carbolic acid as an antiseptic.
      • 1961 Thalidomide (a sedative) is withdrawn after causing birth defects.


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