Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Beliefs Questioned by Others

So one day my husband and I got onto the topic of hell. He told me that if I were to study the religions I was reading into deeper, that I would discover that they have a hell similar to that of what is mentioned in the bible. He was referring to the statement that the grave is hell (not the fiery hell). I corrected him on what hell was in the particular religion I was reading about. He said, "I do not agree with that and cannot believe in it." I told him that I didn't believe in that particular aspect of the religion either, but that the rest of the religion's beliefs were very interesting and quite beautiful. He said, "Well you can't just pick and choose what you want to believe…it's all or nothing." The way he stated this really kind of irritated me. I kept my calm though and stated, "All ancient texts of all religions were once just oral tradition passed on from one generation to another, right?" He agreed. I said, "And we all know how the telephone game works out, right?" He asked what I meant. I continued on, "Rumors start…one group of people thinks the conversation meant this, another thought it meant that, and another group all together thought it meant something completely different." He agreed. Then I asked, "Well isn't it possible then that everyone was given the same information in the beginning but that it got all jumbled up as it was passed down through the generations? As people moved away themes or interpretations in one area prevailed while it ended up something completely different in another area?" He said, "Well yea, I guess it could have happened that way." I said, "Well then why can't I pick and choose what feels right to me?" He had no response.
I later talked about this conversation with a mother figure I had in the past. She said my reasoning was scary and that Jesus is the only way. She tried to convert me a little. However I stayed true to my beliefs and responded to her, "And that is what you believe and that is just fine. But belief and faith is individual and I believe differently." We were pretty much done talking about religion at that point. I am very happy that I have found a way to express my beliefs with out trying to force others to change theirs, accepting them for what they believe, while stating that I am holding to my belief.
Just thought I would share this conversation with all of you as it might prove helpful to someone out there.