Monday, March 10, 2014

Art Newsletter 3/10/14

    Welcome to my new art newsletter! Keeping you up to date on all of my Midnight Stealth artwork in progress. I decided to start this newsletter to let my fans in on some of the processes I go through to create the art they love so much. Also informing you of how I got my inspiration to create the art. I hope this helps you to feel like you are part of the experience.
    The current piece I am working on was inspired by reading an article about the astrological sign of Aries on Café Astrology. The article can be found here: . After reading this articles I asked my self how the Aries sign might act in today's society. Which gave me the idea for the piece I am working on now. It is a very complex piece. Since I wanted to incorporate so much into this piece of art I decided to do it digitally. I wanted to do it this way at least until I got all of the parts I wanted to incorporate into the one work. I may decide to paint it later.
    The first part I had to decide on was the scene in which my picture is going to take place, what the background was to be. Aries is associated with the direction east. Since I live in the United States of America I wanted the background to represent both. The most eastern point of the Continental United States is West Quady, Maine. So that is to be the location of my background. The sun rises in the east so I wanted to incorporate that as well. In the northern hemisphere the sign Aries represents the first month of Spring with the beginning of the sign starting on the Spring Equinox. So keeping all of these things in mind I looked for a picture that contained each of the items I was looking for as well as the proper depth. I found a picture although it had a few things in it that I didn't want in my work of art. So I removed them. Now for the background/scene for my piece of art.
    I think I did a pretty good job altering the picture suite my needs considering all I had to work with was Microsoft Paint and Power Point. Lots of going back and forth.
    The next thing I thought of when reading the article is that Aries are natural born leaders and tend to be very passionate about issues that are relevant to them or those they care about. Since not every Aries owns their own business or is a leader in politics I thought the modern day Aries need a different more common way to lead. Since they are so good at starting that initial spark in all of us, getting us all rallied up about something, their passion and enthusiasm rubbing off on those around them…I thought my modern day Aries needed a crowd of protestors to lead! I am not finished with the section of protestors yet but here is what I have so far.
    I couldn't find any good simply NO symbol signs and didn't want to pick just one issue to picture sooo all rioters holding signs I liked made the cut. This is good though because it will show the era in which my picture is made in. All of the layering and adaptations required for each part of the picture takes quite a bit of time. This is all I have for now. Comeback next week to see the progress I make this week.