Monday, March 17, 2014

Midnight Stealth Weekly Update

    In my last newsletter I covered the how I came up with the idea for my current piece of work.  I shared the thought process of how I decided what the background of my picture would be and you saw the progress so far on the rioter element of the picture.  You can read that newsletter here

    Now I have the section of rioters together. 

    And I have placed the rioters in the approximate position related to the background that I would like them to be in.  This could change slightly.  I also adjusted the brightness of the rioters to closely match the lighting in the background.  Here it is so far: 

    Now my modern day Aries needs some sort of stage or platform to stand on to lead these people from.  I contemplated what would be appropriate for this setting and the Temperament of the modern day Aries.  CafĂ© Astrology says that Aries' color is red and the animal associated with him is a Ram.  So what would be more perfect for this Aries than a big red Dodge Ram pickup truck?  NOTHING LOL! Except maybe adding some horn looking exhaust stacks to the truck…LOL.  Anyway I have not been able to find a perfect red Dodge Ram truck picture for my purpose.  So this is going to take some major modifying, copying, pasting, and layering just to give this Aries the perfect truck.  Here is what I have so far: 

    I picked this one because the angle of the truck was almost perfect.  I had to reverse the picture to get the front where I wanted it.  You will see in future newsletters why it was important for me to find a picture with one tire off of the ground.  Oh the suspense.  I have already removed the background from the top portion of the picture and am currently working on the bottom half.  This particular truck will probably just be my reference for how the truck's angles look while situated with one tire off of the ground.  As you can see it does not have exhaust stacks and is not a very sharp picture.  It does however serve the purpose for reference and part angles. 

    This is where I am at so far with my current piece of work.  I hope you enjoy these updates that let you peer into my creative mind showing you where the art comes from.  Love, light and blessings to all.  Please share.

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