Monday, April 28, 2014

Midnight Stealth Awesome Report 2

A recap of all the awesome accomplishments of the week.

In publishing:
  • I completed updating the post I wrote concerning the Anasazi Native American Indian Tribe.  This post now contains much more information about when they lived, their beliefs, and some scientific information that coincides with their beliefs.
  • I attempted some research on the Anasazi's ancient ancestor Qu-say-u (the Ancient Warrior) and the magnetic season of Yu-aa-nu-taa (the Talking Wind Moon) with no further results.  I am vigilant in learning more about these and plan on approaching this research through their descendent tribes and possibly even by obtaining new resources.  Until I have reached some new information I will be moving on to the next topics of foods and remedies that may help with the ailments listed in the influences of Mars/magnetic season of Yu-aa-nu-taa.
  • On my blog I have earned $0.01 this week, had 60 page views, and my RPM is up to $0.19 (meaning if 1000 people were to view my blog right now that is what I would get).

In Art:
  • I completed the removal of the background of my base layout truck.  This truck is a key component for the piece I am working on now which shows what a modern Aries might be doing.  If you are interested in viewing my completed works you can view and purchase them at

Personal Growth:
  • I have read 5 chapters of the Kybalion which I think will contribute to my work greatly.


Some awesome stuff happened this week!  Hoping next week will be even better!