Thursday, September 10, 2015

CCs Genealogy Today

I have been doing some major restructuring of my blogs.  For now, I am going to continue to post my genealogy research on this blog.  Eventually as I figure out how to move my previous research over, I plan on making a dedicated genealogy blog.  I feel this will allow for more organization for my readers.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to work on some places pages for my son's family history book.  I decided to start with Virginia.  I organized my thoughts by making a "Familiar Places" page for each location in Virginia that I wanted to focus on.  For now I just put interesting information for my son.  As I go through my family tree, and further back in history, I plan on expanding upon these pages to include more of the history that is relevant to each specific time period.  Go ahead and check them out:

I hope to include all of this information on one page for our family history book, using My Canvas.

Now to go get working on that.

Now I have my "Places in Virginia" page done:
I wanted to include Norfolk's seal and motto and a few other things but this is all I could fit onto one page.  Since it pertains to a living person, and only contains a brief, nuts and bolts type of history...I wanted to get them all onto one page.  Trying not to waste supplies while doing this book.

Now I need to work on Virginia's main page which will most likely expand as I go through the family tree.

Keep a look out for my upcoming blog dedicated to just genealogy.

I just got my page on Virginia done too!
Now to work on my places in Indiana.  To gather my thoughts I will be making some more, Familiar Places posts.