Monday, September 21, 2015

Familiar Places: Peru, Miami, Indiana, USA

Peru, Miami County, Indiana, USA

Peru is a city located in Miami County, Indiana.  Peru is the county seat of Miami County. Peru was founded by William N. Hood in 1834.  The movie "Little Big Top" was shot and directed in Peru.  Scenes show the "Mr. Weenie" restaurant and the Circus building.
Peru's nickname is the "Circus Capital of the World."  This is because many famous circuses like the Ringling Brothers, Hagenbeck-Wallace, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and others, made Peru their winter headquarters.  The International circus Hall of Fame is located in Peru, and the city still has a daily Amateur Circus show during the 3rd week of July which ends with a Circus City Festival and Parade.  Peru is the only place that still manufactures steam calliopes (whistles for steam instruments such as the steam pipe organ cart that is in the parade). (1)
Here is where Peru is located in Miami County and where Miami County is located in Indiana.
Here are some of my own pictures from the circus parade.

People of interest:
  • ARMSTRONG, Karen Janeane 1942-2008
  • CHANDLER, living female
  • CHANDLER, living male x2
  • DAVIS, living female
  • ROBERSON, Lloyd Rayburn 1939-2006
  • ROGERS, living male
  • SOULE, Harriet 1806-1872
There are more people to include in this list but I need to go through my ancestry tree to make sure all documents' specific locations are noted so that it shows up in my Family Tree Maker Software.  This is what I have for now though, more to come.  All direct ancestors will have memorial pages associated with them in the near future, so look for possible linking in the names.


This page may grow as I research more of my family tree.