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Familiar Places: Howard County, Indiana, USA

Howard County, Indiana, USA

Howard County is located in Indiana. The county was organized in 1844 and was called Richardville County.  It was named after Jean Baptiste Richardville, a chief of the Miami.  His native name was Pe-che-wa which means "Wildcat", the local creek the Wildcat Creek may have been named after him.  Just 2 years later in 1846 the county was renamed to Howard County to honor General Tighman Howard, a U.S. Representative from Indiana, who died in 1844. (1)
Here is the county seal:
"Howard County, Indiana seal" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -,_Indiana_seal.png#/media/File:Howard_County,_Indiana_seal.png
Here is where Howard County is in Indiana:
"Map of Indiana highlighting Howard County" by David Benbennick - The maps use data from, specifically countyp020.tar.gz on the Raw Data Download page. The maps also use state outline data from statesp020.tar.gz. The Florida maps use hydrogm020.tar.gz to display Lake Okeechobee.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -
People of interest:
  • CHANDLER, living male
  • BOWMAN, Doyle F. Buck 1913-1995
  • COOK, Elmer M. 1917-1980
  • DARLING, George Vern 1904-2001
  • ERWIN, Edna 1833-1871
  • ERWIN, Jane 1824-1898
  • HORN, Ivan Jacob William 1874-1919
  • HORN, Jacob W 1825-1899
  • HORN, Jacob William 1874-1919
  • HORN, James 1850-1892
  • HORN, Jane "Jennie 1864-1930
  • HORN, Leona Mary Madgelean "Madge" 1900-1985
  • HORN, Nancy 1857-1891
  • HORN, Ruben Arletha Francis 1898-1956
  • JOHNSON, Willie C. 1911-1973
  • MARTIN, Vivian Elsie 1913-2001
  • PAINTER, Frances Mary 1885-1978
  • ROBERSON, Laury Ann 1962-1963
  • RODMAN, Abel Thatcher 1831-1911
  • RODMAN, Abel Theodore 1870-1937
  • RODMAN, Indiana Leurhetta "Rhetta" Didana 1880-1962
  • SELLERS, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"
  • SELLERS, Charles E 1902-1977
  • SELLERS, Ella B 1895-?
  • SELLERS, Flossie J 1890-1956
  • SELLERS, Fred Lawrence 1892-1985
  • SELLERS, Freida Mary Jane 1919-1966
  • SELLERS, Gladys L. 1909-1996
  • SELLERS, Roy 1905-?
  • TIMMONS, Amanda K. 1869-1953
I know there are more but this was created using the Family Tree Maker Software, I need to go through each person's documents to make sure they show the specific locations.  This is what I have for now though.  I will be making memorial pages for each direct ancestor so be on the look out for these names to be linked in the future.

Cities/towns of interest:

This page will grow as I dig further back on my family tree.