Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Familiar Places: Miami County, Indiana, USA

Miami County, Indiana, USA

The picture below shows where Miami County is in Indiana.  It shows the current borders and they have remained unchanged since 1844. (1)
"Map of Indiana highlighting Miami County" by David Benbennick - The maps use data from nationalatlas.gov, specifically countyp020.tar.gz on the Raw Data Download page. The maps also use state outline data from statesp020.tar.gz. The Florida maps use hydrogm020.tar.gz to display Lake Okeechobee.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_Indiana_highlighting_Miami_County.svg#/media/File:Map_of_Indiana_highlighting_Miami_County.svg
Miami County was formed in 1832 from Cass County and other unorganized land.  It was named after a Native American tribe called the Miami.  Some Miami Native Americans still live in this area.  (1)
People of Interest:
  • ARMSTRONG, Karen Janeane 1942-2008
  • CHANDLER, living female
  • CHANDLER, living male x2
  • DAVIS, living female
  • HORN, Robert Lee 1929-2008
  • HORN, Ruben Arletha Francis 1898-1956
  • HORN, living? male
  • HULL, Ida Lucielle 1905-1985
  • OLINGER, William 1798-1870
  • ROBERSON, Lloyd Rayburn 1939-2006
  • ROGERS, living male
  • SOULE, Harriet 1806-1872
Cities/Towns of Interest:
  • Deer Creek
  • Jefferson
These lists will grow as I go through my documents on Ancestry.com and it updates my lists in the Family Tree Maker software.  Also I will be making memorial pages for all of my direct ancestors and I will be linking the pages to their names.  So look out for future links.