Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hi everybody!  I do have more interests than genealogy, I swear.  I was just really infatuated with it for a while.  So to balance my interests out a bit more I decided to go through some notes I have taken in my OneNote app.  I love this app, by the way.  It makes it so easy to take organized notes on just about anything, then organize my thoughts into something the rest of the world will understand (for my blog).  Anyway…I came across some notes I took from an astrology article I read.  I will share my first note with you now.  It is from Alan Oken's December astrology newsletter.  I like his news letters because he shares current celestial events, and he gives you enough information on general astrology to entice you to learn more about your own natal chart.  Which gives me a foundation to build upon, in my learning.

"This is quite the task and it is no wonder that Saturn, the astrological Task Master, is the natural ruler of this part of the natal map. In this article and in this month especially, I want to focus on Saturn’s primary sign, Capricorn and its position in your horoscope.  As Capricorn is the natural ruler of the Midheaven, in whichever house the celestial Mountain Goal is found, it will be there where you will also find another major key to your worldly success."

So here is my basic Natal chart:

I want to first see where Saturn is, within my natal chart:
Saturn is at 15 Libra 40' 0"r in my 9th house.  See:
"In Soul-centered astrology, we view Saturn as the agent and administrator of Karmic Law. It is Saturn who stands at the Gates of Initiation, ready to put all who aspire to a higher state of consciousness to the test. In Christian theology, this function is represented by St. Peter for it is He who acts as the Guardian to the Doors of Heaven. As one approaches Paradise, one’s deeds are weighed on the Scales of Divine Justice. It is no wonder then, that Saturn is said to be in its position of exaltation when it is placed in the sign of Libra!"

Just checking to make sure I understand so far (it helps me to paraphrase).  Saturn manages Karmic law.  If you want to achieve a higher state of consciousness then it is Saturn who will test you.  Weighing your deeds on the "Scales of Divine Justice".  Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra!  What exactly does exalted mean?  I may have to look this up in my book for you.  I am doing this because I don't want to assume anything.  I am a beginner of astrology and hate when people assume I understand a term that I don't.  There for I am going to take the beginner approach and explain things as best as I possible can, just-in-case this is the first astrology article you have ever read.

Saturn is "in its position of exaltation when it is placed in the sign of Libra" means that Saturn expresses itself in a harmonious way in Libra.  According to my book: The only way to Learn Astrology, Volume I, Basic Principles by Marion D March & Joan McEvers.

Well that's good for me, since my Saturn is in Libra.  So is it safe to say that Saturn points out the test I must pass to become successful?   Lets see what else Alan says.

"Saturn is the farthest planet visible from the Earth with the naked eye and its rings are certainly its most outstanding feature. The rings are symbolic of limitations and represent the parameters of the Law of Karma. It is impossible to enter the more advanced levels of consciousness represented by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, without first passing through Saturn’s rings. Thus, a person cannot enter into the realms of the “higher heavens” without first having fulfilled the responsibilities of one’s personal karma. It is only when we have been able to live correctly in the more personal spheres of life that we earn the right (and are capable!) of moving into more collective and transpersonal spheres of activity."

So Saturn represents the limitations and parameters that Karmic Law says I have to work with?  It tells me what my karmic responsibilities are?

There is another important term in the esoteric doctrine which characterizes the karmic nature and function of Saturn. This term is “The Dweller on the Threshold.” The “Dweller” represents those parts of our personality which have not been redeemed or transformed by the loving agencies of the Soul. This is a place of karmic debt and of crystallized energy that does not permit us to go beyond the “Threshold” of our limited consciousness. The position of Saturn is also one of opportunity. It is by understanding and working with Saturn that we may come to balance a great deal of past karma and may go forward consciously to a more refined way of self-expression. As we progress through life, we often find that it is through restrictions and the pain which comes from thwarted desires or aspirations that we develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Life. The structure and administration of these Laws is also under the rulership of Saturn. The sign and house position of Saturn in your natal chart will reveal much about the nature of your personal “Dweller” and show the areas where successful work has been achieved (positive aspects to and from Saturn) or where work still has to be done (hard aspects or conjunctions with Saturn).

When planets are placed a certain numbers of degrees from each other (angles) they form aspects.  My book (mentioned above) says that the trines and sextiles are flowing and that the squares, oppositions, and conjunctions are challenging.  So if Saturn is sextile or trine with anything it shows where successful work has been achieved, I guess.  Squares, oppositions, and conjunctions shows where work still needs to be done.

So my Saturn sign, house, and aspects will show where work has been done, and where work still needs to be done.

Saturn is at 15 Libra 40' 0"r in my 9th house, conjunct Pluto, square Ascendant, trine Sun, and trine Mercury.

Saturn in Libra: We find Saturn in its exaltation when positioned in this sign. A Soul-centered individual with Saturn in Libra will function to administer a balanced judgment in the right use of energy, an impartiality expressed in all forms of human interchange. This planetary combination involves all of the Rays of Mind. The Third (Saturn and Libra), the Fifth (Venus as exoteric ruler of the Scales), the First (through Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn), and the Seventh (through Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra). Thus we have a person with the potential to relate to others in ways that are proper and fair no matter what the circumstances may be.

So I must work within the parameters of divine justice.  It is my responsibility to administer a balanced judgment.  Balance proper uses of energy.  Be impartial in communicating with others.  I do feel I relate to others in fair ways.  I'm only focusing on Saturn right now.  I will look at the others later.

Saturn in the Ninth House: The potential to stabilize the higher mind in order to anchor a firm foothold on the spiritual Path. Saturn in this house may also block any further mental progress until one learns not to control or dominate others through a particular philosophy or orthodox teaching.

I think Libra helps me with this.  I am pretty fair when listening to others' religious views.  I understand them as beliefs and know that I can not prove or disprove what one chooses to believe.  People have the freedom to believe as they wish.  Who am I to tell them that they are right or wrong.  I only wish others had this same level of fairness.  I believe one should follow what feels right in their heart and mind, and that is it.  Whom ever your higher power may be, made you who you are and you should follow those instincts.  Each person has their unique purpose and should have the freedom to fulfill that purpose.  I think this is what Saturn in the 9th refers too, in this instance.

Alan doesn't give any interpretations of the aspects he mentioned above, so I will have to look them up myself.  I will look at my book and other sources online for this information.

Lets first look at my positive aspects, which shows areas where successful work has already been done.  Saturn trine Sun and Saturn trine Mercury.

In my book it says that trines' keyword is flow.

My book says that the Sun is:
"The main expression of the individual.  Shows the qualities of leadership and success.  It represents the masculine principle, the father, husband and men in general.  The Sun rules health, vital principles, authority and bosses, rank, title, high office, progress, dignity, energy, sense of identity and capacity for experience.  It's action is fortifying and vitalizing."

I would say that I do express myself pretty well.  I have held successful leadership positions.  I have achieved success in my life.  I have taken the masculine role in my family many times, successfully.  In the Navy I achieved rank quickly in the beginning.  I have experienced quite a bit.  So yes successful work has already been done in these areas.

Lets see what another source says about Saturn trine Sun.
Sun Trine Saturn
"A rather quiet person, you may act quite a bit older than you are. You are serious and very much concerned with doing what is right rather than doing just what you want to do. You are patient and willing to work a long time to reach a goal.
In everything you do, your standards are very high, and you insist on a very strict code of behavior, both for yourself and for others.
If you cannot see the usefulness of something, you are not likely to see much value in it. You will have to learn that knowledge that does not have any immediate use may be helpful later in unexpected situations. "

So from Alan's perspective I think this is saying that I have already done successful work on doing what is right, being patient, setting high standards, following a strict code of behavior, and learning the usefulness of things and knowledge to adapt to unexpected situations.

My book says that Mercury "rules reason, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion, and sensory perceptions.  Its action is quick, uncertain, volatile.  Deals with travel (especially short trips), brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters and mailings, means of transportation, trade, emotional capacity and technique."

I do think I communicate well.  I am intellectual, and believe I do have a high awareness for the world around me.  My manual dexterity has actually been tested and was  very high.  I do think I am rational, opinionated, and quite sensitive.  I have taken many short trips.  I think I'm a good mom.  I have done public speaking, writing, book keeping, secretarial work, wrote letters and mailings, and was a bus driver.  Maybe trade was something I did in a past life or something.  I think my emotional capacity is quite high considering what I have survived and still turned out ok.  LOL

Lets see what another source says about Saturn trine Mercury:
Mercury Trine Saturn  
"You are careful and cautious, and you do everything in a very structured and organized way. You have discipline, which you need in order to get anything done.
Your view of life is practical. You want to know what good something is before you get involved with it. For this reason, you can take an idea, and make something real of it that others can see and appreciate.
You want to know the objective truth about the world, and you are willing to study hard to find it out. The only problem is that you may not be sensitive enough to the less concrete aspects of the world, such as other people's feelings or vague impressions that do have real meaning. In short, you may be too hard-headed to appreciate the lighter and more subtle side of life. "

So looking at this from Alan's perspective I think this is saying I have already mastered being  careful, structured, organization, practicality, taking ideas and turning them into something others can appreciate.  I have mastered studying hard to find the objective truth about the world.

So what do I need to work on?
Saturn conjunct Pluto
My book says conjunct's keyword is emphasis.

My book says Pluto:
"traditionally rules the underworld and that which is hidden from view (including the unknown worlds within you, your submerged or subconscious self).   Also represents all replication processes like conception and printing.  Pluto governs the masses, waste, subversion, atomic power and crime.  It rules phobias and obsessions, slow growth, group factors, transmutation, beginnings and endings birth and death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, kidnapping anonymity, bacteria and viruses.  Represents generation, regeneration and degeneration.  It exposes that which has been developed secretly or undercover.  It governs vacancy, plumbing, dictatorships, unpopular causes and the exclusive.  Pluto's action is slow, ponderous and inevitable,  It is the last of the transcendental planets and is considered a higher octave of mars."

Hmmm this is a tough one.  What are some things I need to work on in this.  I can work on more spiritual aspects within myself without so much influence from the outside world.  I need to learn to be less wasteful.  Working for the good of the masses.  Uncover subversion and crime.  Work on inner phobias and obsessions.  Working in groups more.  Manifesting my ideas.  Maybe I isolate myself to much.  Healing bacterial and viral issues.  Transmuting things that are problems.  Work on things others don't wish too.  Spend more time on growth and pondering things.  Work on transcending issues.

I don't know lets see what another source says about this aspect.

This aspect signifies that you can endure very difficult times, if you have to, and that you have an unusual degree of tenacity.
There may be a scarcity of some element or experience in your life. If this is the case, you will have to work very hard in an organized and disciplined way to make up for it.
Some persons with this aspect respond to the changes that must come in life with fierce resistance. You will have to cultivate the attitude of letting nature take its course, instead of building up structures to prevent change. But if you allow changes to take place in your life, your inner fortitude will be more than enough to help you through any difficult times.

So now what I am getting from this is that I need to learn to let change happen, even if it is difficult change.  I need to endure it and learn from it, instead of worrying so much about what may happen and trying to prevent it.  If I feel I am lacking something in my life, I need to learn to make up for it instead of dwelling on the lack.  Let nature take it's course.  Build up myself internally so that no matter what changes or difficulties come, I know I will be ok.

Saturn square Ascendant
My book says the keyword for square is challenge.

I don't see where my book talks about the Ascendant as a separate point so I am going to go solely off of the source.

You may have quite a bit of difficulty learning to relate to other people as friends or loved ones, even within your immediate family. This problem usually stems from the fact that you feel somehow unworthy of being loved or attended to. Certainly you are not incompetent, but you tend to feel that the demands of life, specifically those made by other people, are so high that you cannot live up to them.
Do not accept criticism as the main part of a relationship, for it is not. Mutual love, respect and reinforcement should be the main components of any relationship.
Some persons with this aspect, feeling that the outer world demands too much, withdraw from social contact by going inside themselves. Others feel that there is only a great void within, so they work furiously in the outer world of friends and other contacts to escape from that inner emptiness.

I need to work on relating to others on the friend of family level.  I need to learn and know that I am worthy of and deserve love from others.  Working on mutual love, respect and reinforcement rather than criticism.  Do not worry about the expectations others may have of me, just love them and except their love.  Learn to balance my inner world and my outer world.

Ok.  That's all I am going to work on Saturn for now.  Does anybody have any alternate interpretations?  Any suggestions, or recommendations?

All charts and interpretations are based on Western Tropical Astrology and the Esoteric teachings of Alan Oken and linked sites.