Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Canon in D

I just heard Canon in D by Michael Silverman on my Midnight Stealth station I created on Pandora.  This song is so beautiful.  OMG I want to learn to play it.  We do have a keyboard…  I wonder if I can find the sheet music for it? 

I couldn't find Michael Silverman's version for free.  I did find Conon in D by Johannes Pachelbel sheet music, for free, on www.makingmusicfun.net.

I printed the sheet music out!  Yea!  Man it's been a long time since I played piano.  I wonder if I can even play this?  There are a lot of big jumps from one note to the next.  Hmmm I better write the letters down for each note since it's been so long.

Ok, cheater notes are written on the sheet music.  See my cheater notes!
Now, where is that keyboard?
Eeew, it's all dusty and grimy!  I better clean this up first!

Ok.  Keyboard is all clean now.  Maybe I should write the letters on the keys with sharpie…  My son does play this keyboard too (9yrs old).  Maybe that would help me teach him how to play actual existing songs, so he's not just left to play what ever is in his head.  As good as he does with out knowing how to play really at all.  I'm sure he would be awesome at it if I took the time to teach him!
See my cheater keys!
Ok. Now it's time to start learning this song.  I don't think I am going to share video or sound of me practicing this song, or anything.  Well maybe as I get segments mastered.  I may however share my experiences/challenges learning this song and/or teaching my son how to play.

Bye for now.