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November: Planetary Concepts of the Anasazi

    Earthway - Section One: The Body - The Soil of Sacred Ground -
    Part I: The Cosmic Umbilical - Sharing the Celestial Genetic Coding of the Sky and Heavens -
    1 - Starstuff - Sharing the Celestial DNA of the Sun and Planets
    By: Mary Summer Rain
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    Earthway: A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality): Mary Summer Rain: 9780671706678: Books
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    This information can be found in the table on pg. 13 and in the text on pg. 18 as well as the specifications of Saturn itself.
    Month: November
    Planet: Saturn
    The symbol:
    Ruling Ancestor: Saa-qu-ya (Sah coo yah)
    • The Wise One of the People
      • All Anasazi Wise Ones were called by this name
    Identity:  The Wise One
    Magnetic Season: Moon of Many Fires (November)
    Season Name: Raa-qu-taa (Rah coo tah)
    Personality influences:
    • High level of ambition
    • Drive to accomplish all tasks and goals to perfection
    • Trait of strong responsibility
      • This often causes many inner conflicts
      • The Wise One often counseled on not taking their responsibilities too far.
      • Many got into trouble for interfering with other's personal lives.
    Physical influences:
    • Orthopedic ailments including:
      • Trick knees
      • Rheumatism
      • Arthritis
    • These complaints coincide with the Moon of Many Fires (November) because it's damp chill creeps into rooms when fires are not well attended to.