Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chamomile Tea for the Scalp

I am going to go buy some Chamomile tea tomorrow!
I was researching how to take care of my itchy scalp and I came across this article:
I liked what it said about Chamomile.  It sounded like it would be much easier to use than the other treatments plus I'm sure it smells better than some of them too.  Anyone who has used Apple Cider Vinegar for anything knows what I mean!  I don't want to walk around smelling like stinky feet for 24hrs LOL.  Lets be realistic about this treatment stuff…LOL. 
Apparently I just have to make a cup of chamomile tea and after it cools pour it into a spray bottle spray it directly on my scalp and rub it in.  Concentrating it in the itchiest spots.  It also helps with any sores you may have caused from scratching your head!  No I don't have lice…LOL My husband checked.  Apparently since I have strayed away from most chemicals it is likely that my scalp is irritated by the chemicals in shampoo.  Anyway.  I decided to do more research on Chamomile's uses on the hair and scalp since I would be applying it there anyway.  This is so I wouldn't be surprised by any other effects.
WARNING! This will gradually LIGHTEN your HAIR!  So if you don't want your hair lighter don't use this.  I don't mind…I'm thinking maybe it will help my grey not stand out so bad! LOL.  Anyway it might be wise to make sure all of your hair gets some so your roots don't end up lighter than the rest of your hair…just saying :)
If you have BLONDE hair this will brighten it up for you. 
If you have dark hair and want highlights apparently you can add henna to it and it is a natural highlighter.
For brunettes using it has a final hair rinse will add a "bright golden light" too it and as stated before will gradually lighten it.
It soothes your scalp, eliminates dandruff, and prevents it from coming back apparently.
I received all that extra info from the following article:
The first article should have warned about the lightening effect because some could get mad about it.  Not me though…I'm gonna do it.  I will keep you posted on how my scalp and hair is doing along the way as well as how it effects my hair type (thick, curly, sometimes frizzy or fuzzy looking poufy white girl afro puffs LOL).
There are more health benefits of Chamomile tea as well and I will go over those as I move through the body system. Smile with tongue out