Monday, April 20, 2015

Rachel HILL COOK the Search

There are no hints for Rachel Hill (wife of Thomas Cook) at all.  None ever came up for her.  So I am assuming that she is going to be a battle to figure out, just as Thomas Cook was.  So instead of going sooo long without posting, I will be sharing my research and progress as I go.  Then ending with a final post of pooling all of her documents together.  Before I look for anything though…I am going to share what little I do know with all of you.

This is what her heading currently looks like on my page.
Rachel Hill
Your 3rd great grandmother
Birth abt 1835 in Ohio

Here is her relationship to me:
Rachel Hill (1835 - )
is your 3rd great grandmother
son of Rachel Hill
daughter of William H Cook
son of Edith Caroline Cook
daughter of Allen "Lee" Roach
You are the daughter of Rebecca Diane Roach

I hope to be able to end up putting a more accurate birth date for her in these two items.  I hope to find her death date too.  Ultimate goal being to find out who her parents are.  There is no pedigree resource files or anything on either or, from what I can tell, to go by.  It appears she hasn't really been researched much, if at all.

I know when she was married to Thomas Cook:
  • Marriage to Thomas Cook
    5 Mar
    1852— Age: 17 (1835)
    Clermont, Ohio, USA
    Reference ID: Vol 6 Pg 48 Lic 11 , GS Film Number: 327561 , Digital Folder Number: 004257565 , Image Number: 00433

This makes me think she may have been living in Clermont county, Ohio in 1850 (married only 2yrs later).  I really wish it listed parents!  It doesn't though.  I even looked at the image.

I know where she was in 1860:
Rachel Cook
Age in 1860:
Birth Year:
abt 1834
Home in 1860:
Stonelick, Clermont, Ohio
Post Office:
Value of real estate:
Household Members:

I really wish this listed parent's birthplace.  That would help in figuring her parents out.

I know where she was in 1870:

Rachel Cook
Age in 1870:
Birth Year:
abt 1835
Home in 1870:
Wayne, Clermont, Ohio
Post Office:
Value of real estate:
Household Members:

I know that William was living with his sister Isabell Kate Cook in 1880.  I assume that she died between 1870 and 1880.  Family lore found on says that she and Thomas died when William was very young.  I did find that Thomas died in October 1870 so I think my first step in figuring Rachel out is going to be to try and find her death record (which may hold clues).  My best shot at finding death records so far has been on  That is where I am going to start my search.  I will share my research on my next post.

This research is continued in Rachel HILL COOK Genealogies Research.