Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Art Blog

Hi everyone!
I decided I am going to give this art blog thing a try! I figured it would be a good way for me to keep track of my ideas. I also thought this might be a good way for any of my followers to see any progress I make while they wait on my newest release!
I will probably do a few different kinds of blog posts for my art. One type of post I'm thinking of doing is a brainstorming and Idea phase style post. Where I talk about some ideas for artwork I am thinking about doing. These will be mostly text although if I am having a hard time putting the pieces together I may post some pictures I find on the net for inspiration. I also was thinking that as I practice particular themes, that I can post my practice pieces and their progress here as well. Progress posts will show any progress that I am making on any major piece. If something is just a practice piece I will label it as "practice". If it is something I intend on posting for print purchase it will be labeled with a title and then the word "progress". Don't let this confuse you. If you like a piece I am doing for practice. Message me. I am willing to sell any piece of art I am or have worked on.
I will attempt to get on here daily to log my progress. I currently have family from out of town, staying with me for the holidays. The daily log may be difficult to start right now, I will do my best though! For today I just wanted to start the blog and see how it works.
To see my works of art that have already been completed please visit or both have prints and they each offer different products such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases, or coffee mugs.

Have a wonderful day everyone!