Thursday, February 6, 2014

Systems of Healing



Healing methods are based on the month (season's) magnetic pull and vibrational frequency.  For more information on each planet's influence and months of influence please see the following links.



Shamans are individuals who are religious leaders as well as healers.  They practice healing the body as well as the soul.  All Native American tribes had a Shaman, Medicine Man, or Witch Doctor.  They practice in similar ways although they do not follow a specific set of religious guidelines as defined today.


Physical treatments the Shamans used included ointments, herbalism, and using tools such as a hollow bone to suck poison out of the body and sharp flints to cut the skin.  All of these would be very helpful in a natural crisis where someone may have been bitten by something venomous.  One plant we know of that they used as a pain killer was the root of the black cohosh also known as squawroot.


This is an ongoing article that will be updated regularly as I come across information.  It doesn't seem like much right now but has the potential to become a huge post.  So stay tuned for updates.


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