Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tommy’s Music

My son Tommy found this app called Garage Band on the I Pad the school issued him.  He started playing with it and started making his own music.  It has strings, drums, all kinds of instruments on it.  The following video is a drum song he made on it that he calls, Fire Eye 3000 Indian Song.  He also shows us a little dance to go with it and how to make a new song using the app.  Remember he is only 7 so this is pretty impressive.  I also recorded just sound of him playing with the string instruments…he does best when he thinks no one is listening.  He as even figured out how to record separate tracks and add them together as a song already.  I asked him if he learned how to do it in music class and he said, “No, I just found it and started playing with it and I like it a lot.”
You be the judge:

FYI I am not a camera man.

Sorry everybody…I was trying to make sure the sound was working because my Windows media player wouldn’t play the sound on our first video.  It was just the player though because the Real Player did just fine.  Also I did not realize that when you turn the phone and the screen adjusts that the camera does not so it does look a little funky.  Any way you live and you learn…noted for next video.
It won’t let me upload the wav file of him playing string instruments when he didn’t think I was listening.