Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cross Stitch Emerald Heart

I have been working on this cross stitch…It has been taking me a long time.  I have just been getting a few colors as I need them though because this is the first cross stitch that I have worked on that didn’t come in a kit.  I really like fairies so I wanted some fairy d├ęcor.  Since everything is so expensive these days I figured I would make my own…LOL.  Anyway here is what I have so far.
Cross Stitch
I wasn’t comfortable enough with my cross stitch skills to do it on 25 count white linen so I got 22 count regular cross stitch fabric.  This may not look as nice but it was a heck of a lot cheaper.
This is what it is supposed to end up looking like.  I got it from the source listed below for free.

Stay tuned for updates.  Please share.  Thank you.