Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CC's Genealogy Today

Today I am still searching for information that might lead me to Lydia F.'s maiden name.  I am going to look at the marriage records I have narrowed it down to, and search for their other records.  I am hoping to find one couple that matches up with the 1880 census I have, nicely.  I am going to start with Family Search this time, because I have had better luck with their search results.

First…based off of the 1880 Census:  Thomas Williams was born about 1849 in Maryland and lived in Baltimore, Lydia F was born about 1851 in Maryland and lived in Baltimore.

Let's start with:
Thomas E William
Marriage Date:
3 Aug 1867
Marriage Place:
Washington, Maryland, United States
No census records with Ellie specifically as the spouse. 
Ok. I removed Census specific and put exact on Ellie.  No records.  Taking off the marriage, the only thing that came up was T.C. Williams & Ellie had a son in Texas in 1904.  Don't think they are the same. Removing the exact off of Ellie's name and adding the marriage back in.  Over 12,000 results, looking at the top ones.
  • Possible Military service in 1878 (Marines).
  • Possibly in Baltimore in 1910 as a widow.  No familiar names listed as children but he was living with his daughter Madlana R.  I'm pretty sure my Thomas was in Ohio by this time, that's why I didn't copy it over.
  • Possibly in Baltimore in 1900 widowed living with his daughter Elsie G.
  • There is another Thomas E Williams in the 1900 census living in Atkinson, Worcester, Maryland widowed who has a daughter Susan age 17.  My Ella Susan would have been 28 by this time and she was married living in Ohio, so this one is definitely not it.
  • One in Find a Grave married to Isabella died in Baltimore.
Lots of Thomas E Williams…quite a few in Maryland, some went to Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, New York.  Not seeing any that went to Ohio though…Moving on.

Next up:
Thomas Williams
Lydia Holland
Marriage Date:
18 May 1882
Prince Georges
Over 10,000 results with just putting their names and marriage date in so going to click exact on Lydia.  No results so taking the marriage year off.  Over 100 results, a lot in the England so restricting it to records in the United States. Now I'm down to 32!  Yea…Lets see what it gives me.
Thomas E. Williams
Event Date:
10 Nov 1932
Event Place:
Prichard, Mobile Co., Alabama
Age (Original):
53y 3m
Birth Year (Estimated):
Spouse's Name:
Father's Name:
GS Film number: 1908504 , Reference ID: cn 23338 ,
Quite a bit too young to be my Thomas.

  • Mentioned in the death of his daughter Lydia Williams died 1796 and had a spouse Lydia. (too early and in Maine).
  • One had a daughter Louisiana in 1809 in Maine (too early).
  • One had a son named John in 1801 in Maine (too early).
  • Had a son named Levi in 1805 in Maine (too early).
  • Had a son named Thomas in 1799 in Maine (too early).
Event Type:
Event Date:
28 Jul 1925
Event Place:
Perry, Ohio, United States
Birth Year (Estimated):
Father's Name:
Thomas Williams
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Name:
Spouse's Age:
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):
Spouse's Father's Name:
Spouse's Mother's Name:
GS Film Number: 002109291 , Digital Folder Number: 004733034 , Image Number: 00693 ,
I think this is MY Thomas & Lydia!  I didn't know they had a son!  I only had the 1 census to go off of!  Checking tree to see where at in Ohio the family was.  None listed in Perry county but was listed in many other counties…just the fact that they ended up in Ohio, brings me much closer to where I was…Maybe Thomas K added as the son will give me more census data.

Event Type:
Event Date:
06 Mar 1878
Event Place:
Preble, Ohio
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Reference ID: p 143 , GS Film number: 564960 , Digital Folder Number: 004978830 , Image Number: 00204 ,
I don't think this one is them because I have them living in Maryland in 1880.

Many others are duplicates or in locations I wouldn't think they would be in.  I am going with the first Ohio record to try and get more clues.  Hmmm…I don't know.  She would have been about 13 when she conceived him and 14 when she had him.

I'm thinking I'm going to look up records on Lydia Holland next.  I guess she could have lied about her age on census…maybe.

Thank you to Deb on one of my linked in groups for finding the index card for Thomas and Lydia Holland's marriage.  It proves that this is not my Lydia because in census she was reported as white and this marriage record says she was colored.

I really don't know where to go from here!  I think I am going to put her on my brick wall list for now and move on.  So I can get the other names from my son's chart verified.
Well today I did a generic brick wall list.  Now that I have some more experience I am sure I can get a lot of the names at the top of the list scratched off.  This is just a list of what I need to work on again later.

Rhoda Longmire Sandridge (no parents)
Temperance Vaughan (no mother)
Martha (wife of Younger Douglass)
William "Willis" M Johnson (no parents)
Sarah "Sallie" Johnson (no mother)
Ezekiel Morrison (no parents)
Nancy (wife of Ezekiel Morrison)
Fanny Ann Liles (no parents)
Martha Cotton (no parents)
Nancy Durham (no parents)
Fanny Ann Liles (same as above)
Pleasant P. Davis (no parents)
William Thomas (mother's first name)
Sarah Ann Powell (mother's maiden name)
Thomas Lee Wilson (mother's maiden name)
Mary Ann Stone (Mother's maiden name)
Daniel Johnson (Mother's maiden name)
Thomas Cook (Mother's maiden name)
Lydia F (wife of Thomas Williams maiden name & parents)

Well… I got tired of not finding anything, on Lydia F.  I decided I needed to add her to the above list and move on.  On Mother's day I was trying to think of something to do with my son to get him involved in this a little.  He's 9 so it was a little bit of a challenge to think of something fun and age appropriate for him to help me with, that had to do with genealogy.  I did it though!  I printed a map that had all the states and their counties on it and we started plotting where all of his ancestors were born.  Kind of like a places you've been map but with ancestors…LOL

We got through most of his grandpa on his dad's side ancestors done, before he wanted to go watch cartoons.

 Here is the computer version of that same info.

These are all of his father's ancestors currently verified.

I used the My Maps tool on Google to create this.  It allows me to add as many places as I want and draw lines between them.  The red dots are Moms the blue dots are Dads.  The lines connect each birth place from child to parent.  Where lines are thicker or purple there are multiple people who follow that same line.   I put this all in one layer, because the free version only allows you to have 2 layers.  If you buy the app (I guess...something like that) then you can have as many layers as you want.

Now I am working on my side.  I'm putting it in it's own layer so that I don't get the lines confused...LOL.
I got my Dad's ancestors done!
Here is what the 2 layers look like together now.
Now to work on my Momma's line.